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"Take control of your space and free your mind!"

- Abbey

Abbey Claire standing in a kitchen that she designed.

Organizer Brings Sense of Peace and Focus to Clients

By Daniel Weizmann

NAMEAbbey Claire Keusch
PHONE NUMBER(323) 243-3569
ADDRESS330 S Oakland Ave Apt 2, Pasadena, CA 91101
SERVICES PROVIDEDHome Maintenance, Home Organizer, Office Organization, Professional Organizer, Senior Downsizing, Personal Assistant, Storage, Garage Organization, Filing Systems, Attic Clutter, Moving Services—Packing & Unpacking, Moving & Storage
SERVICE AREAS San Gabriel Valley
Alhambra • Altadena • Arcadia • City of Industry • College Hills • Crescenta Highlands • Cypress Park • Duarte • Eagle Rock • East Pasadena • East San Gabriel • El Monte • Flintridge • Glassell Park • Glendale • Happy Valley • Hastings Ranch • Highland Park • La Canada • La Crescenta • Lincoln Heights • Monrovia • Monterey Hills • Monterey Park • Montrose • Mount Washington • Pasadena • Rosemead • Rossmoyne • San Gabriel • San Gabriel Valley • San Marino • San Rafael Hills • Sierra Madre • South Pasadena • Temple City • Verdugo Viejo • Woodbury

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Stephen D

Seal Beach - July 13, 2020

Abbey Claire has both an artist’s eye and a technician’s know-how when it comes to space planning and design. She came into my 2400 square foot beach house and immediately saw how my space could work better. Over two months, Abbey helped me transform my space from a dark man-cave into a light and bright showplace. She organized my already tidy house in a way that makes my life better every day. I can’t overstate the mental and emotional improvement that her esthetic and practical advice has brought to my life. I am a business owner with a background in computer system design, but like the cobbler with barefoot children, I never seem to have time to address the inefficiencies in my own home. The joy of finding the tool or hardware I need in moments on my newly arranged workbench. The time I save every day because I’m not wasting my very valuable energy searching for necessary items. The enjoyment I derive by having my treasures on display —and the knowledge that the junk I tucked away for some reason I cannot remember, no longer fills overstuffed drawers and closets. She helped me select new patio furniture for my roof, and the day before it arrived, she suggested putting it on the ground floor deck and moving the oversize furniture from the ground floor to the roof. This would never have occurred to me. It opened up the ground floor space and made it much more comfortable. The larger furniture looks great on the roof too! I am fortunate to be able to afford this kind of expertise, and the investment pays off every day! Thanks, AC!

Rebecca S., Esq.

Westside Los Angeles - January 9, 2020

I have worked with Abbey for over 13 years in 6 homes and for every move (5 moves)! I also work with her monthly now! She is the FIRST person I call when I have project big or small involving organization of the home, office, and life! Abbey is a cherished team member for my life and I could not survive without her. I HIGHLY & humungously(!) recommend her for anything you need to sort out in your home, office, or life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pasadena - November 5, 2019

I needed help packing, moving and unpacking in a short period of time, but I also needed someone to help me figure out what I needed at the new house and to shop with me. Abbey was great. She helped me pack and unpack, but she was incredible at figuring out how to make things more comfortable at the new place, too. Abbey is very reliable, always on time and a very nice person. Her pricing is comparable to other organizers. She checked in on me at the six month mark, when people usually need more help. I give Abbey the highest rating.


Laurel Canyon - October 22, 2019

Abbey Claire has done a phenomenal job for me. She has worked with me consistently throughout the year to help me manage about 13 years of chaotic paper work, proving to be a real asset. She is extremely professional and detail oriented, and being a designer, the details are really important to me. I’ve worked with other organizers before, and within a session or two, did not want to use them any more, but with Abbey there’s been so much benefit. Completely worth her cost. Abbey is incredible, I would recommend her to anyone.


Glendale Hills - May 30, 2018

I give Abbey my highest recommendation. I hired her to organize my whole house, from the kitchen, closets, to bedrooms. In about 8 sessions we were able to get through it all. After each session Abbey leaves the house clean and put away. I would hire her again!


Pasadena - October 11, 2017

Having Abbey help me organize my entire home, including the garage, was the best investment I've made in a long time! She is super efficient and a hard worker. She turns a pile of stuff into a beautifully arranged space. I now use every room in our house and love it! Thank you Abbey!

K. Lynch

Westwood - October 22, 2014

I recently downsized from a larger house and Abbey has been helping me organize after the move. She is great-—very professional, responsive, stays on track, and is easy to talk to. Abbey really digs into the work, helping me in many ways so I can focus on making decisions. Her prices seem very fair, and she gives discounts for ongoing work.

Eli Epstein

Hancock Park - November 19, 2013

I really can't speak more highly of Abbey. She offers an invaluable service and I consider her part of my 'sanity team.' I'm a record producer with a hectic schedule. Hiring an organizer was something I didn't think I needed to do until I realized that the disorganization and piles in my home were causing stress and anxiety. The task of getting organized seemed too big, and I finally accepted that I needed help to bring order back to my house. Abbey sees even the biggest mess like a matrix: it makes sense to her, and she knows how to tackle it. She's an expert. The work we did together affected my mood in such a positive way. Stuff I'd had for 10-15 years and didn't need was finally gone, and the things I did want to keep found perfect homes. My house finally made sense, and I had systems in place to keep it that way. Recently I hired Abbey again to help me prepare to move. I have a huge record collection, a recording studio, tons of equipment, along with all of the usual stuff. I was overwhelmed with how to start and how to go about it. Once again it was Abbey to the rescue. Once I arrived at my new place, I hired her once again to help me get organized within the new house. I couldn't have done either of these things without Abbey. Her customer service is amazing, and she's such a pleasure to work with. I always tell friends about Abbey. I ask them “Do you want to feel happy when are home?" I mean it. From chaos to order, she's greatly improved my quality of life. Easily the best money I've spent in years.

Ben S.

Valley Village - November 19, 2013

I came from a family where everything my mother and father owned fell into my lap. I had all this stuff and couldn't sift through it properly. I moved to California and took all my stuff with me. I knew it would just get worse and I needed someone to help me get organized. Abbey gave me a free consultation. I walked her through the house—I have lots of closets and filing cabinets—which allows me to have more stuff! We ended up going through the apartment in phases. She suggested doing three hours at a time and let me decide if I want to do more. In the first session we tackled the bedroom and a big closet. She organized the clothes by those I wear frequently, those I don’t wear at all, and those I save for special occasions. She taught me how to fold the clothes properly and put things away in an organized fashion. She said “You’re the boss, but I'm here to give advice if you need it.” I hired her a second time for the living room and office. She busted out a label maker for the filing cabinet. I had copies of many of my family documents and she helped me consolidate it all. I didn't know what I needed and what I didn't need. We got rid of any receipt I didn’t need for a warranty or to remember where I bought something. These were concepts I hadn't learned. Next we moved on to the kitchen. I paid her for three hours but we were done after two so she let me keep an hour in the bank. I kept it in the bank for a year and finally did another round. Some people need someone to take their stuff away because for whatever reason they can't. Sometimes we’d put something in the take away pile and I would crack and say I still wanted it and she'd put it back. You have to swallow your pride if you want someone to help you get organized. If I got lazy she would make me keep going. She is also young and fun to be with. Now I have more room in the house. I'm glad I hired Abbey and will hire again.

Caroline H.

Mar Vista - November 19, 2013

A couple of years ago I needed help organizing and arranging my apartment. Abbey came in and we did two sessions, one week apart. She knew that when we hit the three hour mark I would be tired and she was right. She helped me reorganize that entire apartment from closet to cabinets. She also has a good sense for decoration. She rearranged my furniture and that opened up space. Next I hired her to help me move. Abbey got there right after the movers. Everything was unpacked and put away in three hours. Literally. It was the best moving experience I ever had. It's hard to get rid of stuff. I like that Abbey understands that there are things you want to hang onto even if you don't need it right away. She created a “store for later” pile to preserve the things I wanted to preserve. My most recent experiences with her were mostly with decorating and displaying art. First we did two sessions session where we organized my closets and kitchen cabinets again to make it all more efficient. Then she helped me find really nice spaces in the kitchen for small pieces of art and hung larger pieces in the guest room and bedroom. Next we will work on my living room. I like that she gives me realistic feedback. She told me I should wait until I had all the furniture I had ordered before decorating. I hire Abbey every couple of years. If you know you have a bigger project, you can buy a package. The pricing for what I did was very good. I like the way she does things in chunks. She’s really good.


Silverlake - November 19, 2013

Abbey came recommended by my friend who said that she really benefited from Abbey’s service. Abbey helped her organize her place, but she also gave her tips on how to continue. She further benefited from Abbey’s tip of the week on her blog. When I contacted Abbey she called me back right away, and was available right away. She made a closet work in ways that I had no idea was possible. We have a small house and small closets, and all four of us are pack rats. When my husband and I tried thinning out, we would make piles and then finally just put it all back. Abbey provided a dispassionate, neutral perspective that was so helpful. She helped me clean out a big closet that had tons of junk and then organize it all thematically. If my husband and I had done it, we would have held on to a lot of stuff, but Abbey helped us let go of things we didn’t need. What we really needed was more closet space—and she helped us get there. Abbey also organized my kitchen. We keep everything, even the broken stuff. You amass all this stuff and think you’ll need it one day, but even if you do need it at some point, it's fleeting. I have a lifetime of keeping things, and was feeling crowded by it. It's nice to have someone ask you “Are you really, truly going to use this ever again?” If you did it yourself you’d convince yourself to keep it. When organizing, Abbey includes you in the process so you know where everything goes. Working with Abbey was worth every dollar. It was a great experience. I recommend her for people who feel overwhelmed by their junk!

Stacy S.

Leimert Park - November 19, 2013

I had a lot of papers and files and things I needed organized as well as my son's room. When I contacted Abbey, she responded immediately. She had a consultation session with me. I thought her service was very reasonably priced— I don’t think it was anything the average person couldn't afford. She started the following week. She really helped us immensely with getting all our papers and our son's room organized. She develops an organization system tailored to each client. We moved a couple of months ago and I used her suggestions to organize my new home. I've kept her system in place. I've kept her filing system, the bins for my son's room and I use her way of organizing my kitchen because it works for me! Now I can think on how to organize things and how to get rid of clutter. I don't hold on to things like I used to. I was a real pack rat. She showed me how to let go and I‘ve learned to separate important things from unimportant things. I have recommended Abbey to several people.

Deborah J.

Los Angeles - November 19, 2013

Abbey was excellent! She was discreet, and very professional. She makes every effort to do a good job. I was very, very impressed with her. My son gave me a present of an organizer and he did a lot of research into who would be best before sending her over. I started with a walk in closet. We took everything out and put everything back in order and sorted out what needed to be taken away. I knew all the organizing tricks, but it was so helpful to have her there with me. After the closet, we organized the kitchen: all the cabinets and drawers, etc. Abbey rearranged things in a way that makes sense. We also did the garage, three-quarters of which was a disaster. By the time she was finished, we had it sorted out. We accomplished a tremendous amount of work. Abbey is very pleasant and I appreciated her expertise. She isn't a show-off or controlling. She will offer advice about design if you ask her, but she’s not at all pushy or judgmental. She is very discreet about her clients. She would never tell you stories about anyone else, so you know everything that happens in the house stays in the house. She is very efficient in terms of time. I can't say enough about her! She was fantastic! I hadn’t compared rates, but I thought hers was reasonable price. She gets down and dirty. It’s not an easy job going through someone else's junk! She does everything with a smile. I give her a super high rating! She is terrific!

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