Borite Termite & Pest Treatments Corp. Review

"The best way to avoid termites in new construction and remodeling is to treat the wood with borates during framing. Wood often comes to the construction site already infested with termites."

- Jack Launius

Jack and Nanette Launius, husband and wife owners of Borite Termite & Pest Treatments Corp, seated in one of their trucks.

Protect Your Home with Certified Eco-Friendly Pest Control

By Mara Schoner

NAMEJack & Nanette Launius
PHONE NUMBER(818) 386-0502
(866) 905-7378 (Toll Free)
SERVICES PROVIDEDNon-toxic Pest Control, Termite Control, Rodent Control, Construction—Wood Protection, Gopher Control, Rat & Mice Control, Ant Control, Bee & Wasp Removal, Black Widows, Exterminator, Pest Control, Eco-Friendly, Environmentally Friendly & Non-toxic Pest Control, Spiders, Mites, Moths, Exterminator, Crickets
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Tarzana - July 23, 2019

Easy to work with and great results!

Allison S.

Silverlake - October 5, 2018

We get ants every summer, and this summer they were just not letting up. It got to the point where we were feeling like an ant was crawling on us even when one wasn't. A specialist from Borite came and sparingly sprayed the house while we were there going about our daily business. We didn't smell it or experience any adverse effects. Our indoor-outdoor cat remained healthy as ever. There were less ants immediately, and none within three or four days. 2 months later, we are still ant-free. It's hard to think of all the summers we've suffered with ants when there was such a simple solution. Now, the first ant we see, we'll call Borite!

Tracy Brown

Beverly Glen—Bel Aire - September 24, 2018

I CANNOT say enough good things about Borite. We are so grateful!! We had the WORST ant problem this year—4 attacks in 4 different parts of the house in the SAME day. It was literally giving us nightmares. We don't normally get ants but this summer has been CRAZY. Jack came over and was honest about what he thought he could do. Didn't over promise but said he'd do all he could. We appreciated that candor. He explained everything and helped us understand what was causing them. He also told us other ways to avoid the ants (remove trees touching the house, removing old wood, etc.) He just went above and beyond. He then came back to actually do the job, and literally since that day—4 weeks ago—we haven't had a SINGLE ant—ANYWHERE. Did I mention we were getting up to 4 different "attacks" of ants a day for a month? It was insanity... Beyond that, what I really respect and appreciate is that this is a family owned business. Jack and his daughter run things, and you can tell how much they genuinely care about doing a good job and the pride they take in taking care of their clients. Nanette moved things around to get us in quicker because she knew we were freaking out. When Jack came back as a follow up and I told him we'd had not a single ant, you could see how much it really meant to him. He was happy. It's awesome to see someone have so much pride in what they do. You know they care. What more could you want? Thank you Jack and Nanette!!


Malibu - November 6, 2017

We were INFESTED with ants, and these guys came promptly and looked all through the house and garden to find over a dozen separate colonies that had joined forces to invade our home. They laid out some bait and by the afternoon we were completely ant-free. Literally had been wiping down walls and surfaces for weeks and then within a single day, it was over. Cannot recommend them highly enough!!


Woodland Hills - May 8, 2017

I've been using this company for over 9 years. They are so knowledgeable about chemical illnesses induced from pesticides (and other chemicals). They will share their knowledge with you in detail to make you feel safe about the products they use. Jack and Andrew are great!

David and Mary S.

Studio City - April 7, 2015

Jack was very helpful in explaining what needed to be done. He was prompt, professional and trustworthy. Borite uses eco-friendly pest control products, which was important to us. We highly recommend them.


Westchester - February 6, 2014

We are very impressed with the way Andrew explains his company's treatment for ants, as well as the amount of time he spends on the property. We have signed up for the year-long program and couldn't be happier. The friendliness and professionalism of everyone at Borite is pretty exceptional.

Joy N.

West Hollywood - October 2, 2012

At my age I've learned to trust my instincts, and I couldn't be more pleased with my decision, through neighbor2neighbor, to use Borite Pest Control. The man who did the inspection and returned to do the work was the company owner, Jack. Although I know nothing about pest infestation, thorough is thorough. I watched Jack's inspection, and he took the time to be thorough. I'm about to see them again because here in Southern California, termites, like earthquakes, are a fact of life. At least with termites, we can do something about them, and I'm glad I can use Borite for that!

M. Todd

M. Todd - November 5, 2011

Borite diagnosed a type of wood-eating beetle in my cabinets that other companies had been unable to diagnose. They sent two representatives who were very well-informed and helpful. I highly recommend this company!

Bernard Rabins

Valley Glen - October 30, 2011

Borite is excellent! We were using another pest control company. That company was telling us we had to do extensive work. Then Jack from Borite came and pulled up one end of carpet and said “There is your problem!” The termites were eating into the stripping below the carpet. Jack had found that before and that’s why he looked. The others didn’t even look there. When Jack did that, I said “That is the man for us. He knows what he is doing!” They tented the house and that was that. We haven’t had any problems since. They also take care of garden pests for us. Whenever we call they are there fast! Everything we ask them to do they do perfectly. They offer good service. Couldn’t ask anything more from any company. Their pricing is equivalent to everyone else’s but they offer better service and their quality is better! One more thing – Nanette and the other people in the office are pleasant and treat you like a human being! Like I used to treat my customers!

J. McCarthy

Beverlywood - October 22, 2011

Made a thorough inspection of home, attic, basement, and property. Provided pictures and verbal report. Treated rat infestation with non-toxic sanitizing and deodorizing process in attic. Set many traps in attic, near roof line, and in bushes and under outdoor water heater. Discovered big water leak in basement and took pictures along with pictures of all the debris left by contractor in the basement. Came back to check traps and any rodent signs. There are none. Will come back and check again next week. Very knowledgeable, very polite and punctual. Re-screened outdoor vents that have been damaged along with screening open holes around pipes left by contractor. Very thorough inspection and rat proofing. I have environmental illness so a non-toxic substance was important for me. The rat smell was so bad in my home that I had recently spent three nights in a hotel to escape it. After Borite's treatment I thought I would have to spend one night in a hotel while the house aired out. Absolutely unnecessary. In fact, my house has not smelled so fresh and clean for a very long time and I was able to sleep in my own room for the first time in a very long time. I trust Borite and will use them for any other problems that I may have regarding pests.

Jill Wagner

Hancock Park - October 14, 2011

Obviously extremely knowledgeable and prepared to take the time to explain the problem and the solution. A pleasure to do business with - not what you usually say about pest control!

Ajna Burke

Ajna Burke - September 10, 2011

I worked with Jack and Nanette for a Termite issue last year and it was a wonderful experience. After five different companies came to do estimates none of them compared to Borite. I was already thrilled with their customer service and commitment to the environment, but Jack's inspections blew everyone away.

They did the work while we were on vacation and I was 100% at ease having them on my property. Termites gone, fantastic job done.
Recently, I made the mistake of calling another company when I had a rodent problem. Borite did not have an immediate appointment and I was freaked out. The company came out and told me my crawl space and attic was infested with rats and it would cost $600 to begin to fix the problem. I called Jack. Two days later for $185 my problems were solved. I never had rats in my attic and one little rat was coming and going from a couple of holes going to my crawl space. Jack is such an honest man and he was able to fix the problem and put my mind at ease.

I will never be calling another company. BTW - he put a couple traps in my attic and crawl space just to prove the point. All exits had been closed off so if there were rats they would have to go to the traps for the food. It has been a month and NO rats. As Jack said "companies can get you on fear". Don't even bother calling another company- just give Borite a call.

Erica Broido

Brentwood - December 2, 2010

Borite was really helpful. I had problems with a previous botched termite job and Jack came in and fixed it all. Thank you Borite!

Rhonda Tin

Calabasas - November 5, 2010

I don’t know what I would do without Borite. I have a big property with lots of big ugly spiders and other bugs. For an affordable fee, they have taken care of us for over three years. They even got rid of the gophers. I built my home a few years ago and as the property settles, I get cracks in the stone floors where bugs come in. They have removed scorpions and their nests from my five year old’s room. Their chemicals do the job, but no one gets sick! We have a regular standing appointment. They are fabulous people and provide a great service. I will never hire anyone else to take care of our pests.

Paula Klein

Sherman Oaks - October 22, 2010

I have been using Borite for 5 years now, when my daughter was a toddler. We had black widows in our house and I was initially shopping around for safe, non-toxic chemicals. I was impressed that the owner, Jack came out to give the estimate and THEN he came back to do the spraying! I had had a couple of other companies come out and they did not do anything like what Borite did. Jack even swept all the spiders off from under the eves. He explained everything in the first visit; he is so knowledgeable, and I appreciated that. He told me about all the natural products they use. Borite feels like a small, family-owned, caring company with real, old-fashioned values. It has been fantastic working with Jack and Nanette and I have recommended them to others. They go where other bug companies do not go.


St. Augustine By the Sea, Santa Monica - October 2, 2010

In a word, thorough! Our pest control project here at St. Augustine’s was huge and complicated! Borite handled it quickly and efficiently, while saving the church a lot of money. Initially, we got three estimates; the other two companies were not even here twenty minutes for their on-site inspection. I was impressed right from the beginning because Jack was here 2 ½ hours to thoroughly assess the termite situation. He even had all his notes from five years ago when he came out to study the situation then! On his on-site inspection he took a genuine interest in doing a good job for us. One complication is that we rent part of the church out to a school with small children. Jack worked with us to make the process as safe and non-disruptive as possible for everyone. There was a short window of opportunity, while the children were on break for the job to be done. Jack worked with us to get it done in a timely manner, to make it as easy as possible for everyone. Another complication is that we are sandwiched between other buildings—it looks like we are actually attached. They made the project, a massive endeavor, look so easy. Jack and Nanette are wonderful and their crew is amazing, too! Borite is a joy to work with.

Norman Taylor

Beverlywood - September 10, 2010

I first called Borite in the 90’s to take care of termites in my home. I was attracted to his high EPA rating. They are terrific! Jack thoroughly explained every conceivable way he could treat the termites. When Jack does an inspection, he goes where other companies do not go! He marked termite damage that could be ignored with blue paint and damage that needed immediate attention with red paint. He then took digital pictures of these areas, from the attic to the basement and gave them to me. He is an excellent inspector. He then advised me about all the things I should do to prevent more termites. He is very knowledgeable and always on time. I got some estimates from some other companies at a later date and they even admired what Borite had done for me. Jack uses the least toxic products to control the problem; I have a medical condition and he is very careful and respectful of that. He came out for an emergency and did the job in one day. He even came back and repaired a windowsill that had been damaged by a one of my rain gutters. Borite is a little more expensive than some pest control companies but they are absolutely 100% worth it! They are unlike any other company.

Chuck D.

Hancock Park/Windsor Village - November 13, 2009

I initially read a Borite ad that mentioned their Green-ness and I was intrigued. We had just moved into a brand new home in Pacific Palisades and we did not have any bugs but I wanted someone to come occasionally to spray around the outsides; then I found Silverfish. Ugh! Jack came out and sprayed. I noticed that he used a small nozzle so that the spray didn’t make a messy splash everywhere and I liked that. He then explained how to discourage the silverfish. I did everything he told me and they were no more. Now I was really impressed! We moved from there to an older home in Hancock Park and before we moved in I had Borite come to spray inside and out. He was so thorough; he even removed the electrical outlets and dusted in between the walls. We had both kinds of termites in this house and he removed them. I saw a rat. Borite came out one time and set traps. No more rats! They call when they are coming, even if they are only spraying outside. Though we have had no need for a comeback, they are always easy to reach and their prices are right in the middle. I say, “No bugs means a great job!”

Lee An Lantos

Marina del Ray - October 2, 2009

All other companies have been ineffective. I even tried that orange peel stuff. Jack was great. A total expert. He laid out the science for me which I really needed and he told me about all the classes he had taken. We have had termites in this house for 15 years. There is no way around the big chunk of money and it is well worth it. You can't let the termites take over.

R.M. de la Pena

Mar Vista - September 18, 2009

I was impressed that they sent two men to evaluate the problem, gave an estimate and explained exactly what they would do. So I hired the company. One of the men returned to set rat traps in the attic and continued to explain how he would plug up the holes where the rats could possible get in. The young man who returned was very professional and knowledgeable of his work.

Janice J.

Century City - April 5, 2009

Jack is fantastic. I have been using him for many years. He is the only guy I call because he uses the non-toxic products.

Mark McConnell

- June 15, 2007

I chose Borite based on their presence in Neighbor 2 Neighbor, and I wasn't disappointed. On time, knowledgeable, friendly. What more do you need?

Shirley Cookston

Brentwood - May 23, 2006

Jack is incredibly conscientious and a really nice guy. I highly recommend him without reservations!

Kathy Gould

Redondo Beach - August 22, 2005

I interviewed several companies before choosing Borite. Borite’s people were honest, reasonably priced, excellent at what they do and they are ecologically sound! We cared that they cared.

Marianne Alyea

Santa Monica - April 5, 2005

The folks at Borite are knowledgeable, friendly and dependable. They showed up when they said they would and did a great job.

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