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"Have a lot of pictures to hang? Splurge on a ruled level to make spacing a snap."

- David

David Goodman of Goodman to the Rescue stands in workshop

Word-of-Mouth Referrals Keep Handyman In Demand

By Erika Schickel

NAMEDavid R. Goodman
PHONE NUMBER(310) 418-0415
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Jill A.

Brentwood - May 5, 2017

What a pleasure it was to work with David Goodman/Goodman To The Rescue. I just had a few things in need of attention around the house and he took care of everything with skill, efficiency & attention to detail.. .the kind one would take if it were your own place! He was easy to communicate with, prompt, polite, reliable & accommodating. I've already recommended him to friends in the area & will continue to do so! Thanks so much, Dave.

Lara Osment

Sunset Park - November 18, 2016

We have loved working with David for the last 2 years. He is smart, and has great ideas and solutions on how to handle the projects we needed to get done on our house. He responds quickly and is prepared and organized each time he arrives at the house. He is also just darn cool, funny and easy.

Tim H.

Santa Monica - November 7, 2014

David did one big job for us. He took a big room in our upstairs and made it into two rooms. I have found everything about David to be great: his pricing is good, he is intelligent, friendly, and always calls you back. Any kind of little job you have he can do. He calls in good licensed subs for any work that requires it: electricians, plumbers, etc. We found out about him through friends. People refer him out because he does consistently good work and has a good reputation.


Santa Monica - October 17, 2014

I could not be happier with Dave. The name of his company is perfect, as he is my first call anytime I need rescuing at my house. My house was built in the 1920's and Dave has been able to cover the gamut of repairs and retrofits, from plumbing and electrical work to building a swing set for my kids. He does everything, and does it extremely well. He is reliable, dependable, always on time and always cleans up after his work. Dave is a friend of a friend from college, and my only gripe is that I wish we would have been introduced sooner! I couldn't recommend him more.

Helene T.

Bel Aire - October 17, 2014

I first hired Dave maybe four or five years ago, and since then he has become my go to guy for anything and everything! He is simply fabulous, and I trust him completely. He is happy, helpful, and always willing to find a solution to any problem. On the rare occasion that he can't do something, he always gives me great recommendations. His pricing is so reasonable, especially for the quality of his work, and he doesn't mind coming by for small jobs. Dave is the kind of handyman you dream of and the kind of service person you wish everyone could be!

A. Barnes

Mar Vista - November 14, 2011

Over a period of three years, David has made improvements to almost every room in our house, ranging from installing outdoor speakers to fixing screens on screen doors to patching and sealing tiles on our front steps. The quality of his work is always excellent. He does it right and always cleans up so all looks beautiful when he's done. His prices are very reasonable for the service and quality. His customer service is also excellent. He's punctual, provides accurate estimates for large jobs, easily available via text, phone and email and does everything he can to make sure I'm delighted with the work he does—which I always am. David is a lovely person with both smarts and a sense of humor. The combination of his good ideas and his superior follow through make me a happy repeat customer.

Samantha Chaplin

Mar Vista - November 9, 2011

I am an interior designer and David has done work for me both professionally and personally. David is just a lovely person to have around, pleasant and extremely patient. We are now consulting on some future projects, with estimates, and brainstorming. He makes a huge effort to be available and to accommodate my needs. He has worked with me to install some unconventional, tricky, vintage fixtures. I have not compared his prices to others because he works very quickly and neatly. His rates are worth what he does. I have recommended him to a lot of people. He is efficient with a great sense of humor and a nice energy. David Goodman makes the job fun!

Michael & Carla Colton

West Hollywood - November 9, 2011

Tracy Mc Cubbin with d’Clutterfly, a personal organizer that did extensive work for us, recommended David to me. We are expecting twins next week and Tracy designed everything we needed to prepare for the surprise of two babies instead of one. David then built it for us. He assembled an exterior storage shed for us to store things in to make more room. It was in the heat of summer and it took him all day. He also installed a pre-fab closet system, and built custom shelving in the kitchen and bedroom. David is very smart with great ideas. His prices are very reasonable because he is so efficient and quick. He is in great demand and busy, but because of our time frame with the pregnancy, he rearranged his schedule to accommodate our needs. He is thoughtful, clean, and just a lovely person. I can email, text or call David and he will always respond promptly. I have used another handyman company that was very good, but they sent different people all the time, at twice the cost. I prefer the one-on-one with David Goodman. He follows up to be sure I am still satisfied with the job. David Goodman is a real gentleman.

Allison D.

Santa Monica - November 8, 2011

David Goodman is smart, creative and really very bright—an incredible guy! So much more than a handyman. Occasionally he gets quite busy and it is hard to get an appointment, but he always calls back promptly to let me know when he’ll be available, and I’m always glad that he is so busy. Some of the jobs he has done for me include: repairing leaky sprinklers and installing a banister. He replaced exterior security lights, transformers in can lights and hung pictures and photos. Sometimes he gives me alternate options that do not even include him, when the money does not work out. I’ve had handymen around in the past, but David does a better job for less money, and I really like to have him around!

Erica R.

Rancho Park - November 8, 2011

Goodman to The Rescue made our garage into a very nice guest space, at a great price and outstanding workmanship. David is a great communicator, extremely professional and I trust him. He is a collaborative listener and offers wonderful contributions to the job. During the job, he emailed us photos and sent us samples. I cannot emphasize enough his great taste! He is a young, reliable, smart, hip guy with great insight into the whole process. We recommend David to every single person we can think of. He is not a fly-by-night kind of a guy!

Ashley Summers

Venice - November 7, 2011

I have David do everything and I sometimes feel like I might be bugging him. He has handled baby proofing and light building. Weekly he maintains the hot tub chemicals. He has repaired landscape lights and redone the plaster throughout the house. He built an entire bedroom closet for me and put a gate between the yards. He is great at keeping in touch with me by text, phone or email. Because he is so good, sometimes he gets swamped. When that happens, he will let me know ASAP. So far I have not had any job that couldn’t wait a week. He can pretty much do anything I have asked him to do. If he can’t do something he will tell me up front to call in an expert. He gets the jobs completed in a timely manner and is cost efficient and reliable. I never have to worry about a thing. David Goodman is really good at any job he takes on.

Nadine Z.

West Hollywood - November 7, 2011

A neighbor recommended Goodman to the Rescue to me. From the moment he walked in my door I felt like he was a friend, a part of my family. He is so trustworthy that I hand him my list and leave the house to do what I have to do. Since I am often not home when he leaves, he calls, texts or emails me to update me on what has been finished and the status of any of the remaining tasks on my list.He will advise me if he thinks he can get me a better deal or save me some money on a project. He is highly efficient and his work is beyond impeccable. I love this guy so much I even tried to get him married off! He is confident, yet humble and his work ethic is outstanding. He built and installed an ELFA desk for me in our bedroom and then gave me a phone consult to help me figure out how to work the shelves. He mounted a flat-screen TV for me and assembled some IKEA furniture. I purchased the movable arm that went with the TV, but David told me I could save a lot of money by using an item from Costco. He actually went to Costco to pick it up for me and saved me a trip. I’m a new mom and I really appreciated that.The baby proofing he did in my home was phenomenal! I had a baby proofing company come out and walk through my home, then give me a bid. David did the job for half the price! He did latches, gates, drawers, safety locks, toilet locks; you name it! Depending on your budget and project size, David will work with you. He gets the highest stars in my book, and he does it all with a huge smile!

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