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"Don’t bulk load your garbage disposal with food. It can occlude the pipe. Let the water run for at least a minute to ensure food has cleared from the pipe."

- Morris

Cleveland Morris, owner of Mrs. Rooter's Plumbing, stands in front of a van on a street

Plumber with Integrity Grows Business Built on Trust

By Mara Schoner

NAMECleveland Morris
PHONE NUMBER(323) 855-5008
(310) 245-9678
SERVICES PROVIDEDPlumber, Copper Repiping, Drain Lines—Cleaning & Repair, Gas Lines, Garbage Disposal—Installation & Repair, Hydro Jetting, Sewer Camera, Sewer Lines—Cleaning & Repair, Galvanized Pipes, Plumbing & Leak Detection, Backflow, Bathroom, Bathtubs, Boilers, On Demand Water Heating, Energy Efficiency, Energy Saving, Faucet Repair, Water Heaters, Video Pipe Inspections, Pex Tubing, Seismic Valves, Snaking, Line Locating, Rooter
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Janet Oberman

Miracle Mile North - January 31, 2018

Mr. Morris was on time, both times. He explained the situation and what needed to be done. His calm manner was helpful as well as educational. I have already recommended him to a neighbor who was also very pleased.

Jerry Madison

Cheviot Hills - October 8, 2014

Cleveland Morris came to our rescue twice and has saved us thousands of dollars.

The first time, I had called another plumber for issues I was having with a sewer back up. The other plumber quoted me $3250 to replace the plumbing. I then called two other companies from neighbor2neighbor. One said I could pay $800 to replace some of the system, but that it wasn’t necessary. Morris said he wouldn’t do anything. And he didn’t charge me anything. I was amazed. From $3250 to $0. The other plumber kept calling me back, lowering his price, but I never went with him and Morris was right. I didn’t need to replace anything.

Another time the expansion tank on our water heater was dripping and I called a plumber that many of my neighbors use. That plumber quoted me $3500 for the repair. He said that in addition to replacing the expansion tank, I needed a shut-off valve installed, a new flex line and a new pump. I called Morris again and he showed me that I already had a shut off valve and told me that the only thing that needed replacing was the expansion tank. He charged me $215 which included an extra $30 because he did the work on a Saturday!

Cleveland Morris is an honorable, honest plumber. He’s a prince!

Jodi McMillan

Los Feliz - November 22, 2013

I had a problem with my toilet and a couple of other plumbers had told me they were going to have to open the floor and that it could be a really big job. I called Morris after I read his write up in neighbor2neighbor. He came early, he smelled good, he was neat and he figured out what the problem was right away. He was in and out of my house in 15 minutes and fixed the problem! He saved me a lot of money. I'm very happy with Mrs Rooters!

Sarane B.

Beverly Hills - September 5, 2013

Morris has done all sorts of rooting and plumbing jobs for me in the most efficient, neat and timely manner. He's changed faucets, rooted out our sewer line, fixed sprinkler lines—you name it, he's done it. His work is excellent and well-priced and he's been completely reliable. He is also a delightful person and we enjoy dealing with him.

Dr. Payne

Ladera Heights - September 5, 2013

I had a problem with the drains by my pool and called Mrs. Rooters. Morris switched appointments around and was able to show up early. He and his crew worked for two days and got it done. The price was a third of what everybody else was going to charge.

Morris is the kind of person I remember from growing up in the midwest—thoughtful and polite, with the attitude that the customer is always right. You don't find that out here. If he's running late for an appointment, he calls to let you know, and he always makes an effort to find a way to get to you the same day. I have recommended him to several friends and like him well enough to call and wish him well at Christmas.

Tracy Ray

Venice - January 23, 2013

Okay, I just have to say: this man is a gem! Morris of Mrs Rooters Plumbing came to my rescue. I was having an emergency plumbing situation. He saved the day. Got me totally taken care of and for less than half of the outrageous price of my first plumber's quote. He is really kind too. I highly recommend him if anyone needs a plumber. :)

Suzanne R.

Santa Monica - December 13, 2012

Mrs. Rooters came to look at a leak in my laundry room. He showed up promptly and was quick to diagnose the problem. Morris has also helped me with an issue with a rental, as well as my kitchen sink. He is very professional, on time, personable and trustworthy. I am sensitive about having workers around because my house is in an historic area and I have to answer to a trust. He is very clear when explaining what needs to be done. His pricing is fair and he does not add a lot of extra expenses. He does quality work because he is a quality person.

Totty Ames

West Hollywood - November 14, 2012

Mrs. Rooters shows up on time, does the job I need to have done right the first time and doesn’t charge a fortune! His price is much less than other plumbers I have used in the past. He does not drag his heels so I keep finding more jobs for him to do around the house. I found him in neighbor2neighbor and it worked out great for me! Morris is Mr. Nice. His assistant Randy is also nice and so helpful. Once when Morris was here I was listening to a particular musician and he asked who I liked to listen to. The next time he came back, he brought me a CD. Does your plumber bring YOU presents? I cannot recommend him enough. Mrs. Rooters is a winner!

Pat Capone

Mar Vista - December 10, 2009

I’m going to be really, really, really honest with you. I love the guy! Even if he charged more, I would still hire him. He is very honest. He had a guy come out and do finish off the water heater and when he came to check on it, it was not done the way he wanted it done, even though it looked all right to me. Morris was upset and went to his truck and got what he needed to make it right, then and there. He is just a nice guy. I have referred him to some of my friends and they are very happy with Mrs. Rooter’s, too. I’m an old lady and I do property management. I use him all the time for all seven units. Sometimes he has his helpers do some work and then he comes to check on it. Or he does it himself. He shows up when he says he will and if he is going to be later, he calls to tell me. He is so dependable and always does what he says he is going to do!

Dr. Donald Nevius

Santa Monica - December 5, 2009

I have several plumbers in my phone book and I always call Morris first. He is prompt, polite and very pleasant to work with. He fixed some toilet stoppages and replaced a sink at a fair and reasonable price. He was referred to me by another plumber. He always charges exactly what he says he will charge. When I call he responds promptly. He gets here when he says he will be here and is a pleasure to work with.

Clova Jackson

View Park - December 4, 2009

I’ve been dealing with Morris at Mrs. Rooters for six years now, both in my building and my home. I find him to be very professional, competent and trustworthy. I give him access to my building; he is tactful with the tenants and always protects the owner. His practices are ethical and his prices are worth the service he provides. When I cannot find anyone else, I can always count on Morris. He will tell me upfront if he can or cannot take care of the job. If he cannot make it when he expects to, he will call me in ample time to reschedule and has never left me in a bind. He is an upright kind of a guy!

Rodney Lucas

Leimert Park - December 2, 2009

I have had a professional relationship with Mrs. Rooters for over ten years. They provide a unique plumbing experience. When Morris comes out on a call it looks better than he found it. Some plumbers just fix the problem and leave the mess. Morris really cleans up and I admire that about him. When he comes out to troubleshoot, he thoroughly assesses the problem with the right equipment. His camera equipment is the latest. He can look inside the pipe to see exactly what the problem is. He creates a video to show us what is inside so I feel more comfortable about the job. After he fixes the problem, he educates us about how the problem happened and gives us suggestions to prevent it from happening again. He also gives us tips on how to maintain our plumbing. I called six other plumbing companies to compare his prices and his price points are the most reasonable and affordable for the service he provides. He keeps the prices in my comfort zone and provides a very professional, special service.

Patricia Carter

Crenshaw - December 2, 2009

Morris has worked for us for a year and to sum it all up, he does excellent work! Even from the very first time, it was done right so we did not need to call him to come back. I have since then recommended him to others. I’m not just saying this to help him out. He has done several jobs for us, including unstopping drains and replacing pipes under the building. He lets us know in detail what we need to know about what he is doing. What makes him special is that he is dedicated to his work. We get the best, for less!

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