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"You may be tempted to use cheaper materials for baseboards and door casings, but it's best to invest in real wood if it will be exposed to wet conditions."

- Steve

Steve Leter, owner of Multitrade Home Repair, standing on a bridge over the Venice Beach canals.

Experienced Handyman Offers Top-Notch Services

By Mara Schoner

NAMESteve Leter
PHONE NUMBER(310) 869-1275
ADDRESSPO Box 66628, Los Angeles, CA 90066
SERVICES PROVIDEDCarpenter, Furniture & Upholstery, Furniture Assembly, Home Maintenance, Doors—Repair, Handyman, House & Home Repair, Weatherization, Windows—Repair, Shelves, Odd Jobs, Home Repair
Brentwood • El Segundo • Fox Hills • Lennox • Malibu • Mar Vista • Marina del Rey • Montana • Ocean Park • Pacific Palisades • Playa del Rey • Playa Vista • Santa Monica • Sawtelle • Topanga • Venice • West Los Angeles • Westchester • Westside

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Mar Vista - October 4, 2022

Steve is top of the line. He is meticulous and detail-oriented. He has tremendous experience so he is very good at estimating how long a project will take. There have never been any surprises with the budget. He goes to the store, shows you the receipt and fixes everything.

Steve has a lot of customers, but he always responds and finds time to help. He always takes the time to clean up well after himself on the job.

I’ve recommended Steve to others, and everyone has been very happy with him.

Alicia H.

Del Rey - September 28, 2022

He's been our go to handyman for many years now. We have used Steve on ten to fifteen projects of varying sizes and timeline. His work is excellent–he’s a perfectionist and a problem solver. Our house is from 1949, so over the years he’s had to fix various problems from past renovations from before we moved in.

He’s always really honest, upfront and transparent about what he can and can’t do. He’s always been someone to recommend. If he gets into something that might take longer than anticipated, he always lets us know and works us into his schedule. He’s very responsive via email and text and suggests openings when he’s available.

Ray Markow

Silver Triangle, Venice Beach - September 1, 2022

Steve has done numerous things for me over the years. He can do anything I need. He's extremely dependable. He always shows up on time. I trust him to do anything. He responds quickly and gets the job done. He’s very honest about what repairs I do and don’t need. I would absolutely recommend him to friends and family.

Mario J.

Del Rey - July 5, 2022

Steve’s done a lot of stuff from assembling and mounting art on my wall, rebuilding a part of our deck, to building a yurt for us in the backyard. I would recommend him for anything. He’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. He’s pleasant and he’s very diligent in the quality of his work. He’s very honest in his assessment of what it’s going to take for him to accomplish something and he’s very honest about the pricing of what he’s going to do.

He shows up on time. He’s clean and his finish work is good. He uses the best materials and he’s happy to explain things to me when I’m curious about what he’s doing. In terms of the guy you want working for you, he’s the gold standard.


Westwood - May 3, 2022

Steve Leter is the best handyman in LA. His only two priorities are doing the job right and minimizing the cost to you. His work is fantastic, and he will decline the job if he feels it's out of his expertise. He will ask questions to be clear of what you want, and he will suggest options that you didn't know existed. He also cleans up when he's done.

When I first hired him to build a storage closet, my neighbor was so impressed that she hired him to do the same. When I bought a house, I entrusted him to be in the house by himself and inspect and fix anything that he felt appropriate, so he:
- consulted with a stove specialist to diagnose and fix the stove
- installed a security mailbox on the side of the house
- picked up from Best Buy and mounted a 60" TV set on the wall
- installed a Ring doorbell, replacing the old door chime
- adjusted the water pressure
- stabilized a patio post with an L-bracket drilled into the concrete
- replaced a toilet flush valve seal
- replaced a GFCI outlet and grounded another
- re-caulked the kitchen sink
- made recommendations for a faulty dishwasher air gap, a fence separation, and other items.

You can trust Steve Leter 100%!

Ron R.

Mar Vista - April 25, 2022

Steve has done many jobs for us. We have used him for 15 or 20 years. He has put in medicine cabinets, fixed toilets, done electrical work, carpentry—a lot of stuff. We wouldn’t have used him for so many years if the quality of his work was not good. He is very thorough and professional. Most handymen or contractors won’t tell you what you really need and what you don’t, and walk you through what the project will involve. With Steve there are no surprises. He will explain the project to you including whether there are issues you might not have thought of or potential problems, or if there might be a better way to do it.

He is good at getting back to you. If he is working on your project, he will pick up a call promptly. If he is working on someone else’s project he will get back to you that night or the next day.

We consider his pricing reasonable for the quality we get. We shop around and he is worth it. We've used Steve for both our house and our rental property. We will use someone else only if Steve is on another project or if he has said he doesn’t feel comfortable doing something. But he can do almost everything we have needed.

We have had a good relationship with him for a long time and I have no criticism of him. We recommend him to others.

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