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"To maintain an effective filing system, remove old (non-essential) papers from your files once a year or at least every two years."

- Sandra

Sandra Ateca smiles warmly in her home.

Organizer Streamlines Spaces for Clients' Wellbeing

By Daniel Weizmann

NAMESandra Ateca
PHONE NUMBER(310) 464-6868
WEBSITE http://www.outfromunder.net
SERVICES PROVIDEDProfessional Organizer, Office Organization, File Organizing, Storage, Virtual Organizer, Home Maintenance, Home Organizer, Closet Organization, Closets, De-Cluttering, Garage Organization, Kitchens & Baths, Kitchen Organization, Virtual Assistant, COVID-19, Kitchen Organization
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Century City - October 29, 2021

Working with Sandra for many years has enabled me to use her techniques on my own…she has taught me to keep order in my house, to declutter, to simplify…..it is very freeing to see empty spaces in drawers and cabinets….Sandra helped me deal with my mother’s belongings after her death, some relocations…both packing up and reorganizing my new home, corralling paper work, setting up files on my computer, shredding, labeling, archiving…she is caring, thoughtful, prompt and a real “Mary Poppins”…I would recommend her to anyone! She also works well with others when the need arises….


Los Feliz - September 9, 2020

It just took me 5 seconds to file a contract. Thank you, Sandra, for helping me revamp my filing system.

Liz Keating

West Hollywood - April 7, 2020

I am currently visiting in England. Due to COVID-19, I had to extend my stay and was unable to fly back to the U.S. I like to file my tax returns by April 15 every year. My CPA was able to complete my tax returns for me, but I got lost when I received the emails from his office asking for various electronic signatures. I don't have a computer here in England. I rely exclusively on my phone. I tried to follow the instructions but found it difficult, especially working from the small screen on my phone.

Because Sandra has helped me gather my tax information for several years now, I forwarded the emails from my CPA's office to her and asked if she could help me. After she received the emails and figured out what to do, we communicated via WhatsApp.

Using WhatsApp, she kept me informed every step of the way as she explained what she was doing. She would record videos while pointing the camera to her computer screen so that I could see what she was doing. She offered clear communication, and because of the videos, it was as if I was there with her. My tax return was complete after my CPA received the electronic signatures.

Because my virtual tax project was so successful and since we are on lockdown, my friend here in England is thinking of asking Sandra to help her get started with organizing her recipes. My friend uses Skype so she feels it could work.

Susan Parr

ReVerb Studio, Miracle Mile - July 12, 2019

Sandra has worked closely with my design firm since 2001 and has been an integral member of the team whether we’ve been 5 or 20 in size. Over the many years, she has tackled varied physical challenges such as planning and executing office moves, coordinating creative work-spaces, setting up and maintaining long-term off-site storage, organization of all kinds of materials that a design firm needs and generates, and she’s even worked with me and my employees to establish and document workflow processes.

Sandra has a keen eye for figuring out how to balance two critical factors for a successful design team: the importance of stowing things away tastefully and clearly, and also being sensitive to the need to continue to access these tools and information. She has helped me create company-wide systems and guidelines and also has worked with employees individually to address their specific work stations and organizing needs. I’ve been impressed with her ability to be in tune with some tendencies that creative people have--we produce a lot of visual materials that are both necessary for inspiration and collaborations, yet need to be wrangled and not stagnate once their use has passed to keep things flowing and evolving. Sandra has built many critical assets in the studios, including reference libraries, project team collaboration display boards, workspace setups, workflow supplies, administrative records, portfolio samples, and archives – plus multiple special projects! And whenever a project requires it, Sandra is a great team builder and pulls in additional professionals such as her super-efficient assistants to work hand-in-hand, or manages a large team of movers.

Sandra is smart, practical, creative, discrete and has a real knack for working under pressure with warmth and humor. Her approach always includes a sense of style and energy that inspires.

Some people might think it’s a bit frivolous to hire a professional organizer, but it has been absolutely worth the investment. As a small business owner, I have enjoyed peace of mind knowing that I have consistent access to support I can trust and count on. The team gets a boost when they receive individualized attention on how they've been doing their job and the physical space that goes along with it. Everyone who walks into the office can feel it. It’s been a big confidence builder for our clients who are impressed when they are looking at a creative agency and can tell that the office, and business, are well-organized.

Sandra is a teacher who leads by example. Her clear communication is part of the package. I appreciate that she has been forthright, direct and timely when it comes to billing. She helps us stick to a budget and advises on ways to pace the projects and costs.

On a more personal level, she has helped me through several moves and special projects. You get such a boost when you know that someone is on your side and going to help you through it. I can’t say enough about Sandra. She’s been invaluable to me.

S. Taylor

Brentwood - July 9, 2019

Sandra is a gem. She’s helped me with many projects in my home, everything from closets to kitchen to Christmas decorations. She brings in wonderful containers and shelving solutions so that when she’s gone, I stay organized and keep the system. Her input has made my life so much easier. Sandra is so calm. If I ever say, “This is overwhelming,” before you know it, she helps me get started, we’re right in the middle of things and it’s fun. It’s not just her skills, it’s her personality. She’s pleasant to be around. She’s also had things built for us and the craftsmen she uses are excellent. Everything has been well done and thorough. I love working with Sandra!

Renee Martin

Palos Verdes - June 23, 2019

Sandra has been a valuable, constant, positive influence in my life. I am a published author with three published books and a former real estate broker with her own company. I could not have achieved many of these things were it not for Sandra. She is gifted at what she does and is a delight to be around. I met Sandra when my husband and I were working on our first book, a resource book for women. I had interviewed 150 women to gather their stories and needed help organizing the material. My interior designer referred us to Sandra. She was amazing at setting up and organizing files for us. She went on to simplify and clarify my husband’s humongous business file systems, as well as my own, including all of the files in my personal assistant’s office which were a combination of business, legal and financial documents on top of all the book research data, lecture notes, contracts, etc. She was intelligent in her approach and it was easy to find whatever papers or files I needed to locate. I called on her again when designing a new home. Sandra was instrumental in figuring out all of the storage spaces in the house, from vanity tables to dressers to the butler and food pantries. Sandra spent months working with me to determine just the right size and shape of each particular drawer and shelf, taking into account both design and functionality, even the doors that each should have. We’d meet with my architect every week. So not only is Sandra adept at things you’d think an organizer would do, but also with creative problem solving and design solutions. When it came time to make the move, Sandra helped me go through every drawer and every piece of furniture to get rid of what was no longer necessary. She also labeled everything clearly for the movers and made a little map for them. It was such a complex procedure! Everything worked out beautifully. 12 years later and I have stayed organized, thanks to the system that Sandra set up in the home. She has since helped with additional books and filing work and it’s now been decades that I’ve called on her services. Life is so much easier with Sandra. She’s both pleasant and personable as well as professional. She asks insightful questions and possesses great patience. She takes her work seriously and it’s clear that she gets tremendous gratification out of helping her clients. There are no limits to what she can do.

Sandra Sallin

Los Angeles - May 15, 2019

Sandra has changed my life! She is like the zen master of organizers. She re-did my entire artist’s studio, which was completely out of control. Not only the studio itself, but all of the slides, presses and everything related to the materials of an artist. It was an incredible amount of work and I could not have done it without Sandra. Even to this day, I can find anything I want in there because of our work together. I’ve since had her back for many projects and also to help my husband in his office, which was in a similar state of chaos. Neither one of us changes a thing Sandra does because it all works. When it comes to getting rid of things, Sandra is wonderful. She doesn’t push you and you never feel she is judging you. She makes suggestions in such a courteous and subtle manner that before you know it, you’ve gotten rid of some things, even without realizing it. I’ve learned a phenomenal amount from watching Sandra and was able to organize my kitchen on my own based on what I’ve gleaned from her. I trust her completely and give her the highest marks, not only in all aspects of being an organizer but also in being a remarkable human being. I used to live part time in Sun Valley Idaho and recommended Sandra to a friend out there. My friend is so grateful to work with Sandra and waits to have her there a couple times a year. It’s very soothing working with Sandra. She puts you at ease and has a gentle way. She’s a pleasure to be around and is worth every penny. I could have her here every day. I can’t praise her highly enough!

Sascha Escandon

Alhambra - May 6, 2019

I LOVE Sandra!!! She has been this clear and constant sanctuary for me in regard to tackling overwhelming projects. Sandra is uber thorough and reliable. She comes ready with a paper shredder in her car and all her organizing tools on hand. She brings a sense of relief and peace with her as soon as she enters the room. I can count on her for anything, whether it’s for larger projects or smaller ones. She goes above and beyond and thinks of things you might need before you do. I first met Sandra at a networking event about 10 years ago and have worked with her ever since. I’ve also referred her to several friends who are similarly pleased. Sandra helped me through a rough time after my father passed—going through his items and helping me clear his home. She was so considerate and caring. She let me work at my own pace and yet kept things moving forward, even when I needed to meltdown. Sandra takes the temperature of the room and makes everything feel comfortable and easy. She is a careful communicator and at the same time, doesn’t take herself too seriously. She’s always ready for a laugh. I couldn’t give her more accolades. She’s been a saving grace.

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1. Learn to keep only what matters

If I had to describe the concept of living an organized life I would say that it is about keeping only what is relevant for your life today. It’s the ongoing process of regularly eliminating the things that no longer serve or support you. Like Michelangelo, you chisel away at the superfluous material, ultimately exposing a beautiful sculpture: your tranquil and uncluttered life.

2. Compact shredder vs. dumpster diver

Keep a compact shredder near your desk and use it often.
“Identity thieves know that all the credit card junk mail you receive eventually goes into the trash… Shred your statements or make your account numbers illegible when you throw them away.”

Quoted from the article: “10 Ways Thieves Can Steal Your Identity.”

3. Why hire a professional organizer?

Successful people have learned to concentrate on what they do best and delegate other tasks to people who specialize in those areas. They also hire coaches to help them reach their goals faster and more effectively. A good organizer is both a coach and someone who goes into the trenches with you to set up systems that will support your work and life. If you find it difficult to ask for help, you are not alone. You can read about it in this Forbes article: “Asking For Help Reveals Strength, Not Weakness,” written by Margie Warrell.

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