Ellen Elphand Wellness Review

"The more varied foods you eat, the more you diversify the microbiome of your gut, which creates the good bacteria that protect you from pathogens. "

- Ellen

Acupuncturist and Chinese herbal medicine practitioner, Ellen Elphand, in her clinic.

Skilled Acupuncturist Uncovers the Root of Chronic Health Issues

By Mara Schoner

NAMEEllen Elphand
PHONE NUMBER(323) 657-7676
ADDRESS5820 Wilshire Blvd., Ste 100, Los Angeles, CA 90036
SERVICES PROVIDEDAcupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Breathing Coordination, Nutritional Counseling, Pain Management, Facial Rejuvenation, Women's Health Support, Skincare, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nutrition, Stress Reduction, Alternative Medicine, Therapeutic Breathwork
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Daniel DiScala

Hollywood - October 28, 2019

For a few years I had a chronic condition that compromised my physical health, which directly affected my emotional well being and how I functioned in the world. I tried numerous remedies in various modalities over a few years that ultimately did not work and kept me in a perpetual state of dis-ease. After working with Ellen, I have put my symptoms at bay and gained so much more confidence and emotional well-being. Most medical professionals seem to lack empathy and sensitivity for the people that they see. Ellen is in a place of her own. Her empathy and concern for the well-being of her clients is immediately felt and is obviously an additional, integral contributor to the positive results. Her insight and intuitive healing remedies are the best I have ever experienced and I am entirely grateful for having her come into my life. I would not be the person I am today if it were not for Ellen's healing heart and hands.

Rachael Svendsen

Santa Clarita - October 16, 2019

Ellen is such a gift to me and my family. I lived with chronic asthma and debilitating gastro-intestinal pain since childhood. The only solutions I found through my doctors were to mask my symptoms, not heal my body. Through her careful dietary and herbal care, over time, my body DID heal! I used to use my inhaler daily. I haven't used it in years. I used to have to leave work regularly and miss family and friend gatherings from my GI pain. I now manage my GI condition through food, self-care, and the occasional herbal boost when things get out of whack. She has now also seen my son to help with a nasty cold that would've been otherwise treated with antibiotics. I have been receiving TCM treatments for over 20 years from various practitioners but Ellen is the only one who understands my body in such an intuitive and caring way. She is responsive to questions between appointments and knows her scope of practice and when to refer out.

Tracy Pope

Los Angeles - October 26, 2017

Ellen is absolutely fantastic. Not only is she an incredible acupuncturist, she is a truly wonderful human. She is so welcoming and caring and such a relaxing energy to be around. Every time I go to see Ellen, she knows exactly what my body needs and I leave feeling rejuvenated and calm. I refer her to friends and clients constantly - she's an absolute master at what she does!

Alex D.

West Hollywood - October 26, 2017

I first started seeing Ellen 2 years ago after a car accident that blew out my entire back. I could barely walk and was in so much pain and nothing seemed to help. When I met Ellen everything changed. I had never tried acupuncture before and she took the time to walk me through the process, to ask questions, to get to know my body and what I really needed help with rather than just throw needles in me and send me a bill. She cares so much about her patients and their health and goes above and beyond to take care of them. I have been seeing her consistently for 2 years now, 2x a month, and my body has never felt better.

I've referred all of my friends to her practice because I just think she is exceptional at what she does and as a person. My sessions are truly the best part of my week and I always look forward to Ellen working on me and learning more about my body and mind. I really value her professionalism and discretion, but what I love most about Ellen is how much I trust her and how open I can be with her, and I feel like that's been the base of my success with her treatments. She knows exactly how to treat me every time she sees me because of the amazing relationship and trust we have built with each other.

There is no one better than Ellen, I really can't say it enough!!!

Erika Schickel

West Hollywood - December 19, 2016

I first started seeing Ellen for her Chinese medicine practice. She’s treated me and both of my daughters for a variety of issues—digestive, skin care, and so forth. I often go to her first if anything is bothering me. She’s an incredible listener, is very intuitive and has an open, relaxed manner. The diagnosis takes a while, but that’s because Ellen is doing deep, intense work with the herbs. Whenever I take the herbs, I feel incredible. My overall energy is much better, as well as immunity and general health. I’ve also seen Ellen for acupuncture. She’s very well versed in a number of healing modalities. She listens to you and starts employing whatever she thinks will work to get you out of pain. Her office is a lovely and beautiful, inspiring place to be. Ellen is also really wise in terms of what she can and cannot do. She’s hooked into a great network of healers and will give key referrals for issues outside her expertise. I really trust her judgment. And Ellen is so compassionate. Literally, you start to feel better just to have this woman near you.


San Francisco - December 13, 2016

Dr. Elphand is a talented doctor in Chinese Medicine and an extraordinary person. She helped me with all sorts of digestive issues. I had been talking to multiple gastro-intestinal doctors for a number of years prior to that and had exhausted every possible resource. I was on all sorts of prescription medications with no effect. I was at the end of my rope when a friend recommended Dr. Elphand. I made the trip to LA to see her about a year ago. Even when I initially told her my situation over the phone, she had immediate insight that comes from years of experience. We spent hours in discussion for consultation. I had never sat with a physician one-on-one like that before. It struck me as very special. Ellen really cares about her patients and wants to make sure she is doing her best in terms of treatment. She gave me an ancient formula of herbs and also worked with me on a special diet. I started to feel results within a couple of days. We went back and forth over a period of months to fine tune the treatment. I'm happy to say that I no longer have any digestive issues whatsoever and I owe so much of that to Ellen and her knowledge, experience and specific technique. Ellen draws on a wealth of knowledge and follows a very methodical approach.

Nancy Batlin

Downtown LA - November 30, 2016

The minute I am not feeling right Ellen is the first person I call. I’ve been through an awful lot and without her help and her practice I wouldn’t be where I am today. Back in 2009 I had some bad respiratory issues. I had been seeing Western doctors for a year. After being diagnosed with Black Mold Poisoning from my loft, and on antibiotics multiple times over the year with no improvement, Ellen was the one doctor who could pinpoint the various impacts to my respiratory system versus a very generalized diagnosis. It was a serious case. I began an incredible journey with Ellen starting from a devastating physical situation to a much-improved place of health. She treated me with acupuncture, herbs, diet and other therapies. Two years ago I had some female problems that turned out to be two different cancers. It's unclear whether the mold poisoning provoked the cancers as I was also working in a 100-year-old building that was under massive renovations. In tandem with Western Doctors' testing and opinions, Ellen and her team were a vital part of the assessment that ultimately led me to take action quickly and have surgery. Through Eastern examination and diagnosis, it was clear that there were serious abnormalities in my female organs that needed immediate attention. The surgery removed the threat of uterine sarcoma cancer and more importantly caught early stages of ovarian cancer—which was a miracle since you normally can’t detect ovarian cancer. It saved my life. Post surgery, Ellen’s treatments have fortified me and help me maintain my health. Ellen is fully holistic in that she has a respect for Western medicine. She wants to work with the Western doctors I see, if not directly, then to hear what they say and how they are treating and advising me. Ellen also does an electric current treatment which can be used for the lymphatic system and other ailments but is also incredible for your skin! These are soothing facial treatments that pamper and calm me but it also improves the texture and firmness of my skin without chemicals or surgery. Ellen’s herbal treatments and dietary prescriptions are not by the book because she creates everyone’s own personalized profile. For example, I need to eat red meat once or twice a week, along with fish but stay away from dairy and raw leafy greens. It’s very specific to your needs and your body. Ellen has a lovely, comforting spirit when someone is under duress. She has an incredibly soothing quality to her, but she is also very firm and highly knowledgeable. She will look at your tongue and ask if you’ve been eating dairy for example. You can’t get away with things with her. She isn’t stern, but that’s how good she is.

Catherine Tambini

NYC - October 27, 2016

I initially went to see Dr. Ellen for migraine headaches. I had previously tried many modalities including bodywork, western meds, homeopathy, Botox treatments and even a different acupuncturist and herbalist, but without any results. In a remarkably short period of time she successfully reduced my headaches from about 16 per month to once a month and I’m hopeful for continued improvement. She changed my diet and worked with me to find foods that I like. She really takes her time with you and gives great advice about how to handle things in your life. I have also seen her for acupuncture for my neck, shoulder, and general tension. My joints are better, as well as my health in general. One of the side effects of the herbs was a reduction in my cholesterol of 50 points! I have also enjoyed Ellen’s wonderful facial rejuvenation treatment. It makes you look ten years younger and she’s so good at it. I used to fly in to see her every 4 months. Now that I'm better, I don’t have to come as often but now I find any excuse to get to LA and when I do, I look forward to seeing Ellen. She is a remarkable healer.

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