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All's Well That Plumbs Well

Mara Schoner
By Mara Schoner

September 18, 2018

WHEN WE VET CONTRACTORS, we choose the ones who are the most timely, experienced and take pride in their craft, but they also need to be honest. Plumber Danny Garcia is one of those people.

When a Neighbor2Neighbor reader called him to work on her bathroom, Danny drove into the hills of Altadena in search of the house.

Now in this area, the houses don’t have well-marked addresses because there is no home delivery of mail. Danny knew he was in the vicinity of the house because he found a group of mailboxes at the side of the road with the address of this customer. He drove around the neighborhood a little and saw a house with trucks outside and workers in it. Assuming it was the house, Danny walked in, said hi to the other workers, did the work in the bathroom and left.

A couple hours later he received a call from the customer who was wondering why he hadn't been by her house. Danny was confused, but they soon realized he had done the work at the wrong house! An easy mistake, since the reader’s neighbor was also remodeling her home.

Danny called the neighbor to apologize for his error. The neighbor wasn’t upset. After all, her shower had been fixed! She thanked him and wanted to pay Danny, but he refused the offer. Instead, he told her to call him if she needed anything in the future.

Both customers now call Danny their plumber "for life"! Danny and his wife were laughing about it—that’s one way to get new customers!!!

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