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Deborah Morrison on Supporting LA's Local Art Scene

Zora Schoner
By Zora Schoner

May 2, 2023

Artists and entrepreneurs have been coming to LA to further their careers for most of the city’s history. However, LA’s high cost of living nowadays can make it hard for people to fulfill their potential. We spoke with Debra Morrison, an LA-based photographer (who takes most of our handpicked service portraits!) and small-business owner, about the importance of supporting local artists, the power of small businesses and the benefits of being your own boss.

N2N: How do you think small businesses are important to LA’s economic ecosystem and future?

DM: Small businesses are so important to LA’s economic future. When you support a small business, you are helping us stay creative so we can pour back into the community. One of the best things about Los Angeles is that people come here to make their dreams come true. There are so many talented artists, painters, photographers, actors, producers, videographers, influencers, foodies who absolutely love what they do, which makes for such a dynamic city! When you support an artist, we are so thankful to just be able to do what we love! And that, in turn, makes our city vibrate with creativity and passion.

A woman in a black dress with a desert background.

N2N:What ideas do you have for LA becoming more sustainable and community-oriented?

DM: Go to Los Angeles events! There are so many things to do in LA. Watch a play, go to the ballet, attend an art exhibition. You will have a great time and feel good about supporting local artists. I also like to donate photography packages to Art Schools who support young artists who want to attend their schools.

A woman in a white dress in the desert.

N2N: Why do you like being a small business owner? What are some of your favorite parts of entrepreneurship?

DM: I love being a small business owner! I knew from early on that I did not want to work for anyone. If I am working for someone else’s dream, I am just delaying my dreams and goals. I love the freedom of creating my own hours and being able to take a vacation whenever I want. I also like to take my laptop on road trips and work from there. I am a professional photographer, but even in my personal downtime I’m still taking photos — I can’t help it! One of my favorite things to do is go hiking and photograph nature. I also love it when my passion for nature and photography come together. This May, I am photographing a Reiki Retreat in Sedona, Arizona! I cannot wait!

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