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"Concrete is a porous product and things like oil or food can stain it if not properly sealed and maintained."

- Kevin

Kevin Laurence and Eddy Rodriguez, owners of Art of Concrete.

Experienced Contractor Brings out the Beauty in Concrete

By Mara Schoner

NAMEKevin Laurence
PHONE NUMBER(310) 223-6819
SERVICES PROVIDEDConcrete, Hardscape, Landscape Construction, Contractor, Masonry, Driveways—Custom, Pools & Spas, ADU, Earthquake Bolting, Foundation—Repair & Replacement, Seismic Retrofitting & Structural Upgrades, Accessory Dwelling Units, Custom Concrete, Drainage, General Contractor, Guest Houses, Decks & Patios, Barbeque & BBQ, Construction & Remodel
Brentwood • El Segundo • Fox Hills • Lennox • Malibu • Mar Vista • Marina del Rey • Montana • Ocean Park • Pacific Palisades • Playa del Rey • Playa Vista • Santa Monica • Sawtelle • Topanga • Venice • West Los Angeles • Westchester • Westside

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Kristine C.

Silver Lake - December 17, 2022

I’m having an endless pool installed and there are a lot of specific requirements for it to be constructed properly. One of the particularities is that the concrete slab has to be level. It's not as simple as just hiring someone to put down a typical slab. From the beginning, Kevin went out of his way to observe the site ahead of time. It was a tight space. we went over what would be removed. His communication was incredibly clear so there were no surprises.

Everyone on his team knew what would happen. On days when Kevin was not on the job, they were just as polite, courteous and clean as when he was I could tell he really trusted his team and that there was respect between them. They left my yard wonderfully clean.

When the concrete was finally being poured, they made a great effort to get the material there navigating my small street.

Throughout the process, he showed me pictures to keep me updated. At the end, the slab he poured was like glass. I was over the moon with Kevin. He’s incredibly approachable and very kind. I can’t say enough good about him

Steve Coton

Reseda - December 8, 2022

We removed some walls to create an open floor plan with our living room open to the kitchen. When the walls came ou,t the concrete floors had lots of different levels. Kevin re-leveled and rectified all of the floors for us.

Kevin is a very good communicator. There were never any surprises. If I added anything on to the original quote, he made sure the expenses were clear so I could stay within my budget.

I also build lap pools for a living, and I recommend Kevin to my customers for all site prep (concrete and decking). He does quality work at a competitive price. I can rely on his standards and his integrity. He is attentive to the task at hand and will not leave the job until the customer is happy.

Kevin is a man of integrity, a first-rate person. I would work with them on any project in the future.


Santa Monica - November 30, 2022

Kevin’s team worked for us on a large exterior project that included the build out of a concrete deck and outdoor kitchen. Kevin implemented our landscape architect’s designs and led the process of getting permits, doing the work and coordinating subcontractors. We also had Kevin and his team help us with various smaller jobs on our punch list that included inserting new support beams and drywall in the ceiling for a new kitchen overhead vent, replacing/refinishing water damaged wood doors, and doing touch-up paint work throughout the house. Kevin is detail-oriented and follows up on projects to make sure the work is satisfactory. He charges a fair price and is easy to work with.

Lauren R

Pacific Palisades - November 16, 2022

Kevin has done a lot for us. We bought a 100-year old Spanish style house with a wooden balcony. It looked a little wonky and we wanted to get it waterproofed so it could last longer. Kevin suggested that we cover it in stucco. He found Spanish tile that matched the rest of our house to cover the deck. He also repainted and waterproofed the wooden railing. The balcony now looks like it always should have.

A couple months later, other workers damaged the tile and Kevin came back to repair it at no cost. He goes above and beyond. It wasn’t his problem and he helped out because he wants his clients to be happy and feel good about how things look. If something's not right he will absolutely make it right.

He even referred us to a great painter then followed up on their work to make sure it looked up to his standards.

He makes sure to communicate about to you about what you want done. He gave us the range of options and helped us figure out what worked best.

Kevin has been such a pleasure to work with and his team is fantastic. Great customer service and great rapport.

Anything we can do to help Kevin, I will! We have already recommended him to friends and family.

V. Wilson

View Park - November 14, 2022

I live on a hillside and needed a new retaining wall, concrete stairs and a slab for my pool. I hired Kevin for the job which I thought was going to be fairly small and quick, but we ended up running into a lot of challenges, not the least of which was Covid which slowed everything down, especially the permitting process. LA County was a challenge. I also had unforeseen needed changes to property walls, and it turned out I needed an engineer. Kevin found one who saved me about a third of the fees in comparison with other bids.

Because of the time it all took, I had mess in the backyard from the construction site for longer than I would have wanted. I brought it to Kevin’s attention and he came over and cleaned it up.

After all was said and done, I was very happy with the job. Kevin stuck to the budget. His paperwork is good and he was flexible with the changes. I would hire him again.


West San Fernando Valley - October 31, 2022

Kevin poured two concrete slabs in my backyard, one for a shed and one for an endless pool.

I chose him over other contractors because he answered all of my questions and seemed to really know what he was doing. His pricing is roughly the same as the other people I spoke to. He did a good job, and I would hire him again.

Claire B.

Woodland Hills - December 1, 2016

Kevin is AWESOME. We’ve had a lot of different people work on our house, and I wish everyone could be like Kevin! He helped us transform our backyard into a beautiful outdoor sports court landscaped with drought-friendly plants and desert stones. It was a custom project that we designed and Kevin held our hands throughout the whole process. He took us to the nursery for plant selection and also to a specialty place for the stones. Kevin’s attention to detail was outstanding. He was very particular about what color we used for the concrete and including the right amount of texture so you wouldn’t slip and get hurt. He is a warm, personable and conscientious individual who delivers exceptional work.

Nicole Alaimo

Bronson Canyon - December 1, 2016

Kevin and his crew came in and saved us from a terrible experience with a pool contractor who had abandoned ship and left us a big mess to deal with. Art of Concrete managed to complete the job beautifully, creating smooth stucco walls that matched the house perfectly. Kevin went above and beyond the call of duty and followed through with other parts of the project we didn’t even think we’d get to. The previous contractor had drawn out the construction process over half a year. Kevin arrived and completed the job within a month. He provided a realistic timeline and stuck to it. Kevin and his crew were terrific across the board and the work was stunning. They are a premium service and worth the cost. We were so grateful to have found Kevin in Neighbor2Neighbor.

Haim Raymar

Sunset Park - November 23, 2015

I had a lot of concrete work to do on my backyard and on the back of the house—about one hundred cubic meters of work! I interviewed many, many contractors for the job. Kevin was so good that I waited for his schedule to clear. I am very happy I waited because the job is perfect. We hired him for some of the work at first and we saw that he did such a good job that we added more. Every time the inspector came it was always good. There were no delays: everything was on time. Kevin’s quote was perfect. My wife made some changes and we got another quote for that. Kevin is a man of his word. He is responsive: if I call him and he doesn't answer, I know he is on the phone or busy and he always gets back to me. I recommend him with all my heart.

Dennis and Kim Drummond

Culver City - October 12, 2014

Kevin stained our concrete floor in 2006 and it still looks great! His pricing was definitely fair. At the time we were inundated with our home remodel and constructing and doubling the size of our house. The concrete floor portion of the project, was nearly half the addition and went very smoothly. First we visited Kevin at his space where he showed us various options and colors. Then he came to look at the layout of our house. He explained how they would do the work that would be needed to the concrete that had been poured to make it a liveable environment. We needed the floor to be able to take a lot of wear and tear since we have dogs. Plus I wanted specific colors and he was able to work with the color schemes I had planned. It ended up being a mixture of three different colors. They sprayed, sealed and painted it. All these years later, it still looks great, and the upkeep is very simple. Kevin was accommodating, efficient, and very helpful. He is a great guy who provides a wonderful service.

Joe Juge

Los Angeles - October 6, 2014

Kevin installed a concrete overlay on our existing deck. We were thrilled with the work he did and very, very pleased with him. There are not that many workers that have that kind of integrity, especially the integrity to get everything right. I am a general contractor and had worked with him on other projects and recommended him to friends of mine who own a bowling alley. Kevin has been doing quite a bit of work with them and they are very pleased. He does everything he says he is going to do. He provides great value for what he does and his prices are reasonable, He is always personally involved in his projects. I can't recommend him more highly.

Kenny Merrill

Sherman Oaks - November 5, 2013

Kevin showed us several samples for the stain. Hands down, he obtained some of the best consistency with the color that I’ve seen. I’m in the screen-printing business. I know that continuity of color can be a problem when you’re working with things like stains and dye-lots, but the color Kevin showed us was the exact color in the end. We have natural pine cabinets, and he finished the counter tops with a great brown patina look. The style complements the rustic cabin feel of our home. After he sealed it he told us we might want to reseal in six months. We haven’t done anything to it since he put it in, however, and water still beads on the surface. I probably shouldn’t do this, but I put hot pots on it and it holds up great!"


Redondo Beach - November 5, 2013

Art of Concrete updated our brick fireplace, replacing it with a concrete one. I got two other bids and Kevin's was in the middle. In addition to his pricing, I chose him because after speaking with him, I had confidence that he knew what he was doing. Kevin built the fireplace based on pictures I showed him of what I liked. Kevin was on time, responded to my emails and calls, left the work site clean every day and is super nice. The fireplace turned out great. I would definitely recommend him.

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