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NAMEKevin Laurence
Eddy Rodriguez
PHONE NUMBERMobile: (310) 947-5822
SERVICES PROVIDEDGeneral Contractor, Whole House Remodeling, Custom Concrete, Kitchens & Baths, New Construction, Hardscape, Landscape Construction, Historical Homes, Home & Room Additions, Design Build, Interior Design, Construction & Remodel, Accessory Dwelling Units, Modern & Contemporary Design, Polished Concrete Floors, Driveways—Custom, Retaining Walls, Balconies, Decks & Patios, Guest Houses, Stucco, Home Improvement
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Mike Ron

Ron Michael Properties - July 23, 2020

I met Kevin Laurence after my neighbor recommended him to me. I hired him to do an engineered retrofit on a property that has living space above a garage. Permits had to be pulled, and this entailed a lot of coordination to meet both LA County and Santa Monica codes. Kevin and his team did a perfectly clean and nice job. Additionally, he was always reachable, on budget and completed the job in the projected timeline. I own a local real estate brokerage firm and I feel comfortable recommending Kevin’s services to friends, family, and clients.

Carol A.

Mar Vista - July 18, 2020

(See Contractor’s Response Below)
I was extremely disappointed in the poor quality of workmanship from this builder especially that of Kevin Lawrence. I initially signed a contract in mid February for work to be done and completed by the end of the month. I told him I was going to be retiring and needed to sell my home within the next few months and it was important that the work be done timely and properly.
Unfortunately, Mr. Lawrence and his workers were subpar in their work performance and time management. One junior worker repeatedly used a handsaw on the ground after being told not to do so. He later cut off his thumb at another job site for improper use. Another worker nailed new board over termite rotted board instead of removing the board on a fence gate first. The worker did not fix the fence and left a split board on the door that was a contributing factor for its failure to open and close properly. Even after repeatedly telling Mr. Lawrence, the board was not removed. The same worker had a careless disregard of my property when he took a filled trash can of debris and emptied it in my flower bed to use at another worksite.
And, Mr. Lawrence himself used the improper size boards and methods to re-shingle the back of my garage. This was after his worker "guessed" at trying to re-shingle by nailing the boards in the center "end to end" thus splitting them down the center obviously due to a lack of training and supervision.
Then Mr. Lawrence tried his hand at re-shingling, not doing much better. He split boards in half and stated he would be re-shingling over the split boards claiming that was a "starter" row . Of course that was an excuse as that never happened. It looks awful and is not to industry standard. He said, "It's the back of the garage, so no one will see it." He continued to use boards that were not the proper size for the garage and not the size ordered on the bill. He said, "that's all I thought I had." and continued to use them with a full disregard for workmanship. This was his excuse for butchering up the boards on the bottom two rows and leaving them split in half knowing how expensive they were to purchase.
When he painted my shed, he watered down the paint and sprayed it on the surface missing many areas in the grooved siding. It is improperly done, as I wanted it painted with a brush and roller like my car gate done by another contractor. He did not bother to paint the frames edges around the windows in white as requested. In addition, he did not replace the lights on the shed after the workers took them off to re-wall it leaving open wires and did not replace fascia board, which is clearly written in the contract. I had to get my other contractor to do it as he repeatedly could not take direction nor follow the contract.
He failed to complete many tasks on the contract even after repeatedly being told to do so. Working with him resulted in constant struggles to get things done even the easiest of tasks such as replacing two deck boards. He said he was too tall to nail the boards from underneath my deck even though there is over a four-foot clearance. He actually ordered an 8-foot board when a 10-foot board was necessary to complete the job. He knew he made a mistake and would not admit to it because he did not consider that the boards had mitered edges, which would require a longer board. He additionally pulled damaged shingles off the side of my house and was not able to replace them correctly. He and his workers did not complete replacing fence board always making excuses for everything they didn't complete and what is clearly stated on the contract. He told me to get my other carpenter contractor who was working on my car gate and back door to do it. By the way, these aforementioned tasks were too "difficult" for him, so I had to get a more experienced person who was actually charging me less than him. Unfortunately, he could only work weekends and I had a time deadline.
To top that off, he did not finish in February as promised in the contract and he repeatedly made excuses not to come out to my home throughout the month of March doing other jobs which he carelessly texted to me. He then made excuses that he couldn't come out due to COVID-19 and rain even though he was working on other jobs and other contractors I hired were coming to my property. He didn't even complete all the work on the contract and certainly none of it was to my satisfaction as the contract says it has to be. He came out to finish painting as late as the first and second week of May for a job that should have taken no more than 2 weeks. He even defended his worker who got his thumb cut off by stating how excellent a worker he is and how clients as for him. It's clear his workers are not that experienced and their apprenticeship training is lacking by Mr. Lawrence. He actually wanted the worker to complete painting by himself after the incident and I refused saying he needed to be supervised. He thought that was unreasonable. I told him anything that happens on my property is my responsibility especially if a claim is filed against my homeowners insurance.
I told him that I would not be paying for any unfinished work, nor the 15% profit margin due to the poor workmanship and unnecessary delay. He made all kind of threats like taking me to court, filing a mechanics lien etc. I told him I was firm in what I was saying and would not be changing my mind. I told him if he did not accept this offer, I would file a complaint with the State Contractors Board, and call the city to make sure he pulled a permit for the garage with inspection for which he did not do.
He finally relented, however, he left me in the lurch scrambling to get others to finish what he didn't delaying my plans for 3-4 plus months and placing me in a financial dilemma. He also had the audacity to ask me for the money for rebuying the shingles his worker ruined when "playing around" trying to re-shingle the back of my garage.
Mr. Lawrence and his crew are messy and never cleaned up after themselves. Many days he left the lights on in my garage and I would not know until after dark. His crew left paint and other supplies on the floor in the shed blocking a path to get my lawn mower. He left the door open on the garage allowing animals to get into it when he knew full well furniture and personal belongings are contained in it. He also did not cover my personal items, blowing drywall and plaster debris all over them and the carpeted floor. I had to vacuum and clean over 25 containers and 60 boxes for moving not to mention the furniture and ceiling fans.
I have grown up in the business. My father was a carpenter and tool and die maker, my uncle is an electrician, my cousin is a general contractor and I have other relatives who own their own painting and contracting firms out of state. The work was so poorly done that it seems unbelievable that Neighbor 2 Neighbor would put this contractor in their magazine.

Response from L & R Home Builders

I would like to address Ms. Arkenberg’s claims.She is correct that we continued working on another project, but it was considered essential: we had a crew securing an 8-unit condo in Marina Del Rey, as it was failing due to extreme damage by dry rot and termites. We had to lift the four-story building 7 inches and secure it. I have invited Neighbor2Neighbor to interview the owners of this building about the quality of the work.As far as defending our employee who got stitches, we do so without hesitation. This person has been with us for 17 years and gets compliments from many clients. I have invited Neighbor2Neighbor to interview other clients about him. Our employees and carpenters are all very experienced. We are currently working on a 1908 historical project in Venice originally built by Abbott Kinney. Our design and structural plans have been approved by the Coastal Commission, the Venice Commission, and the city building department. We are completely remodeling this home with the same crew that worked on Ms. Arkenberg’s home. Once the project is complete, I will have Neighbor2Neighbor speak with the owners. Regarding the claim that we are messy: we used tarps, tape and plastic to cover windows when painting. I have submitted pictures to Neighbor2Neighbor for proof.Regarding Ms. Arkenberg’s claim about her expertise in construction, I should state that there were some very unnerving things she said and ways that she communicated with my crew as well as businesses that I work with.- I received a phone call from a supervisor at National Construction rental around 9:00 am in the morning that they could not clean the porta potty because a woman came out of the house screaming at the poor guy who was just trying to clean the toilet. She was threatening to call the police. I was embarrassed and apologized to the company. Please note the toilets have to be cleaned, it is not an easy job and it was just off the sidewalk on the site. National Construction Rental can confirm this is true.- As stated earlier, after the way our employees were treated by her, they did not want to go back and work on her home.- I got a call from the lumber company I have dealt with for 25 years saying there was a woman named Carol there using my name to buy material and telling the owner of the lumber yard that he did not know what he was talking about when it came to sizing lumber. I, again, was embarrassed and apologized to them.- Ms Arkenberg claimed to be a school teacher, then a scientist, and then told the lumber company that she was a doctor. We also refunded money to Ms. Arkenberg even though the work detailed in the contract was completed. I agreed to reduce the cost of the contract by $1,184.00 so we could come to an agreement and move on.I know Neighbor2Neighbor has extremely high qualifications for their magazine contractors and tradesmen. Many who I have met over time and hired for our own projects. I'm sure Neighbor2Neighbor will do due diligence and get facts accurate before printing in a magazine.Thank You Kevin Laurence

Lia M.

Pacific Palisades - October 29, 2019

I have received numerous compliments on the patio L & R built for me. They replaced my entire backyard patio. They had to remove an existing hot tub, secure the deck to the hillside and install an awning over it all. I'm familiar with N2N and found L & R in the directory. I got about 10 bids for the job. Many contractors acted inconvenienced to provide an estimate. Not true with Kevin. Some of my friends witnessed the process all the way through and have been very impressed by the craftsmanship, professionalism and consistent quality as the project progressed. Kevin was very helpful in providing options and alternatives in regards to price, stability and how the finished project would look. He was always willing to take my questions. If he didn't know the answers he would find them. Any time there was going to be a variance in price, he alerted me in advance and offered options with pros and cons. During the job, Kevin always got back to me within 24 hours and usually in one hour. Kevin called a week after finishing the job to see if I was still happy with everything. I am totally satisfied.

Andi D.

Pacific Palisades - October 7, 2019

Beyond just working with Kevin as a contractor, as a person, he's incredibly genuine and just a nice guy. He and his crew are honorable and trustworthy. He genuinely cared that I was happy with the end result, offering to fix and change things that weren't up to his standards, all while staying on budget. I'm thrilled with the end result.

Patricia Folgar

Reseda - May 8, 2019

I bought a house recently and wanted to change the floors out before moving in. I knew that concrete interiors are pet-friendly and I love that look. After speaking with several companies over the phone that I didn’t really click with, it was great to find Kevin. I could hear his genuine excitement and love for what he does coming through in our initial conversation. Kevin struck me right away for how attentively he listens. I told Kevin exactly what I wanted in terms of color and finishes and he delivered to a tee. He was frank about the costs involved with concrete and gave me several alternate options I could try to stay within my price point. He reminded me of a really patient doctor who wants to be specific and take good care of you. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I have a work of art on my floors now. Everyone who comes over complements them thoroughly. He did the entire house except for two small bathrooms and the kitchen. I wanted a clean white box and did not want the baseboards replaced. Kevin finished the edges beautifully. Moreover, I got to meet the crew, as I stopped by the house daily. They couldn’t have been kinder or more courteous. I learned that many have been with Kevin for a long time. I got to see how much effort and care went into each step. Kevin stayed in close contact over that two-week period to guide me through the project and make sure the floors were always properly protected. He followed up afterwards and removed any waste. It was a professional operation from start to finish. I have recommended him to several others and once I save my pennies, will have him back to do the exteriors.

H. Ramar

Sunset Park - December 29, 2017

I hired Kevin to do hardscaping and to remodel the back of my house in 2015. We were so happy with the results and how Kevin and Eddy helped us to figure out areas that were difficult and gave advice that helped us through our remodel.

We now have hired Kevin and Eddy again to do a total remodel to our home. They worked with the engineer and architect to problem solve before any work started in the design stages. Their prices are very fair and their service is fantastic. Kevin has always been there when I call him. Together they have a huge amount of experience and it shows through their construction process. Thank you Kevin and Eddy!

Claire Bloom

Woodland Hills - December 20, 2017

Kevin just remodeled one of our bathrooms and the results are gorgeous. His guys went the extra mile to find this very specific type and color of tile that I wanted to use but couldn't locate. Not only that, but the tiles came only in one size, so they had to hand-cut many of them down to a smaller size for the look we envisioned, which incorporated three different sizes of tile. It all worked beautifully. Kevin also made the suggestions that we knock out the ceiling in the shower to make it higher and install a light, and expand the width of the shower stall using a glass wall. Those two changes alone totally transformed the bathroom and made it look much larger than it was originally. The shower doors Kevin had installed were heavy-duty and very high quality, which also added to the luxurious look of the bathroom. I had chosen Kevin based on my past experience working with him for a concrete project in our backyard. Kevin is extremely reliable, has such good attention to detail, is trustworthy and gives great customer service. His rates are also quite reasonable, particularly considering the high quality of the work. I am so pleased with the end result and the crew and feel lucky to have found him.

Claire Bloom

Woodland Hills - January 11, 2017

Kevin is AWESOME. We’ve had a lot of different people work on our house, and I wish everyone could be like Kevin! He helped us transform our backyard into a beautiful outdoor sports court landscaped with drought-friendly plants and desert stones. It was a custom project that we designed and Kevin held our hands throughout the whole process. He took us to the nursery for plant selection and also to a specialty place for the stones. Kevin’s attention to detail was outstanding. He was very particular about what color we used for the concrete and including the right amount of texture so you wouldn’t slip and get hurt. He is a warm, personable and conscientious individual who delivers exceptional work.

Nicole Alaimo

Bronson Canyon - January 3, 2017

Kevin and his crew came in and saved us from a terrible experience with a pool contractor who had abandoned ship and left us a big mess to deal with. Kevin managed to complete the job beautifully, creating smooth stucco walls that matched the house perfectly. Kevin went above and beyond the call of duty and followed through with other parts of the project we didn’t even think we’d get to. The previous contractor had drawn out the construction process over half a year. Kevin arrived and completed the job within a month. He provided a realistic timeline and stuck to it. Kevin and his crew were terrific across the board and the work was stunning. They are a premium service and worth the cost. We were so grateful to have found Kevin in Neighbor2Neighbor.

H. Ramar

Sunset Park - December 3, 2015

I had a lot of concrete work to do on my backyard and on the back of the house—about one hundred cubic meters of work! I interviewed many, many contractors for the job. Kevin was so good that I waited for his schedule to clear. I am very happy I waited because the job is perfect. We hired him for some of the work at first and we saw that he did such a good job that we added more. Every time the inspector came it was always good. There were no delays: everything was on time. Kevin’s quote was perfect. My wife made some changes and we got another quote for that. Kevin is a man of his word. He is responsive: if I call him and he doesn't answer, I know he is on the phone or busy and he always gets back to me. I recommend him with all my heart.

Frank Lamb

Manhattan Beach - January 16, 2015

I can't say enough good things about this company! I'm a retired contractor; I offered to redo the exterior appearance of a friend's house, and they wanted the look of a Venetian building. We didn't want to paint it or do anything that would peel or wear. It needed to have a Venetian stucco effect without the expense of new plaster. Kevin Laurence of "The Art of Concrete" was the man for the job. He gave it just the right touch, made it look antique, and the house looks GREAT! Kevin is an expert with stained concrete -- everything from floors to concrete countertops. Not only that, but he's an honest and genuinely nice guy, who did extras over and above what was asked of him. If anything, he's too good, too modest. I gave him a respectable gratuity that I normally don't do with business owners. Out of my wallet. Now, that's good testimony!


Redondo Beach - January 6, 2015

Kevin Laurence updated our brick fireplace, replacing it with a concrete one. I got two other bids and Kevin's was in the middle. In addition to his pricing, I chose him because after speaking with him, I had confidence that he knew what he was doing. Kevin built the fireplace based on pictures I showed him of what I liked. Kevin was on time, responded to my emails and calls, left the work site clean every day and is super nice. The fireplace turned out great. I would definitely recommend him.

Kenny Merrill

Sherman Oaks - December 3, 2014

Kevin showed us several samples for the stain. Hands down, he obtained some of the best consistency with the color that I’ve seen. I’m in the screen-printing business. I know that continuity of color can be a problem when you’re working with things like stains and dye-lots, but the color Kevin showed us was the exact color in the end. We have natural pine cabinets, and he finished the counter tops with a great brown patina look. The style complements the rustic cabin feel of our home. After he sealed it he told us we might want to reseal in six months. We haven’t done anything to it since he put it in, however, and water still beads on the surface. I probably shouldn’t do this, but I put hot pots on it and it holds up great!"

Joe Juge

Los Angleles - November 25, 2014

Kevin installed a concrete overlay on our existing deck. We were thrilled with the work he did and very, very pleased with him. There are not that many workers that have that kind of integrity, especially the integrity to get everything right. I am a general contractor and had worked with him on other projects and recommended him to friends of mine who own a bowling alley. Kevin has been doing quite a bit of work with them and they are very pleased. He does everything he says he is going to do. He provides great value for what he does and his prices are reasonable, He is always personally involved in his projects. I can't recommend him more highly.

Dennis and Kim Drummond

Culver City - October 12, 2014

Kevin stained our concrete floor in 2006 and it still looks great! His pricing was definitely fair. At the time we were inundated with our home remodel and constructing and doubling the size of our house. The concrete floor portion of the project, was nearly half the addition and went very smoothly. First we visited Kevin at his space where he showed us various options and colors. Then he came to look at the layout of our house. He explained how they would do the work that would be needed to the concrete that had been poured to make it a liveable environment. We needed the floor to be able to take a lot of wear and tear since we have dogs. Plus I wanted specific colors and he was able to work with the color schemes I had planned. It ended up being a mixture of three different colors. They sprayed, sealed and painted it. All these years later, it still looks great, and the upkeep is very simple. Kevin was accommodating, efficient, and very helpful. He is a great guy who provides a wonderful service.

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