Greywater Corps Review

"Greywater cannot be sprayed and is not ideal for lawns or ground cover – but it’s perfect for fruit trees, shade trees, tropical plants and riparian natives."

- Leigh

Leigh Jerrard, founder of Greywater Corps, standing with his workers in a backyard, holding shovels.

Reroute Gently-Used Water to Thirsty Plants

By Mara Schoner

NAMELeigh Jerrard
LICENSE NUMBERLIC. #B-1009259 ARCH. #C-29818
PHONE NUMBER(323) 487-2687
SERVICES PROVIDEDGreywater & Rainwater Systems, Drip Irrigation, Sprinklers, Water Conservation Systems, Irrigation, Xeriscaping, Barrels, Driplines, Vegetable Gardens, Fruit Trees, Nut Trees, Landscape, Growing Vegetables, Planters, Native Gardens, Washing Machines, Showers, Cisterns, Rain Tanks, Low Impact Development, LID, Design, Architecture, Architect, Contractor, Permaculture, Arborist, Bathroom, Remodel, Bathtubs, Shower
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Highland Park - September 23, 2021

Friendly people that do incredible work. From initial quote to final walk through, working with Greywater Corps has been a delight. They're punctual and transparent about every cost—willing to explain every part of the process to me. The best part is that they seemed as excited about installing the system as I was to install it! During the walk-through they were identifying plants in my yard and giving me ideas for natives that will do well with the system. You can tell this is as much a labor of love as it is a well run business. 3 days of digging trenches in my backyard, but by the end after they cleaned up you couldn't tell that anything has been disturbed. Can't recommend highly enough.


Altadena - December 16, 2019

I originally called about a laundry-greywater system, but after the consultation changed to a shower-greywater system (from a 2nd story bathroom). The Greywater Corps staff were very helpful, answering my many questions and addressing my concerns. As I was putting in new fruit trees on the gray water, they even gave me some help figuring out where they should be placed. Their work was done within the time we arranged (~2 days), despite some initial issues in figuring out how my house's plumbing was designed, and their staff were very expedient and professional. They cleaned up the site and now my fruit trees are doing great and the system seems very robust.

Eugene M

Altadena - December 14, 2019

I have used Leigh and Greywater twice now, first when I was working on a DIY greywater system, and more recently when I bought a house. With my first project, there was a lot of information online, but I had specific questions about the filtering process and how it affected water quality. Their work was in line with the research I was doing. They were very kind and designed a small-scale, affordable, gravity-driven laundry-to-landscape system. The system was great—I just had to clean the filter once a month.

Our current property is ideal for greywater. I brought Leigh and his crew out and they laid out an irrigation system and installed a pumped, laundry-to-landscape system. They know the permitting rules, and they also understand the various needs for landscapes and vegetable gardens in Southern California.

For vegetables it is important that greywater is sent into the ground instead of directly on the plants. They used a mulch basin, which acts as a natural filter. As long as the plants are not in direct contact with the water and there is enough mulch, the vegetables are safe. For root vegetables they advised using a rainwater catchment system.

There is a real benefit to having a relationship with someone who knows the area and can demonstrate their work. I prioritize that over just cost. Greywater Corps works with residential and commercial properties as well as on policy related work and community workshops. They are community oriented and we share an interest in low-maintenance, appropriate technology. But the best thing about Greywater Corps is their service.

Jane Schmitz

Santa Monica - September 3, 2019

We just got our system installed last week and we feel great. Every time that we take a shower or run a load of laundry we can sense happy water heading towards our happy plants. The Greywater crew is outstanding. They are experts, plus they are friendly and courteous and funny.


Altadena - December 19, 2016

We rerouted a laundry waste water line and had the grey water system built into our new line. Our laundry and showers are now connected to a grey water system for about $2,000.00 less than a traditional plumber quoted us for just the re-plumbing of the laundry waste water. We loved the entire crew at Greywater Corps. They are a committed group of experienced, and environmentally mindful people. We are extremely happy about our decision to go "grey" with Greywater Corps.

Cathy C.

Claremont - January 22, 2015

I was curious about greywater and started googling for people. Greywater’s website popped up and they looked interesting. We conversed by email and then they walked the property and came up with a custom design for us. Leigh is amazing. He's a trained architect so his plans are solid, not like just a sketch on the back of a napkin. His plan addressed our unique needs and clearly listed all the costs and choices we could make. We had an urgent need to do something right away because of the increases in our water bills. The cost for the system was very reasonable especially because washer systems done require permits in LA County. I thought we'd recoup our investment in a couple of years, but it paid for itself in just one. Our water consumption dropped 60%! We have an old Maytag washing machine—they use 40-55 gallons per load depending on the cycle. If you figure five or six wash loads per week, that’s 100s of gallons of water we no longer need the irrigation system for. Our washing machine is in our garage at the back of our property and we wanted to use the water out to the front yard. Unlike other greywater systems Leigh installs that can just rely on the washing machine's pump to move the water, our system had such a long haul that it required a sump pump. Leigh and his crew installed 7 or 8 stations that provide water to roses, trees and shrubs with a system that lets us adjust how much water goes to each area if our planting plans change. We’re so pleased with our washing machine system we've talked about having Leigh come back and give us a quote on a second system that would let us divert shower water to our side yard while it's warming up. Leigh explained that unlike washer systems, shower systems require a permit and a bit more work. It would cost more than our washer system but if we decide to go that route I'd feel confident the design package Leigh puts together is professional and would meet our city's standards. We happily recommend Leigh and greywater corp!

Sorrel S.

Claremont - January 16, 2015

Leigh installed a greywater system at our house that was also a hands-on workshop for Sustainable Claremont. He is super knowledgeable, down to earth, friendly, and professional. Setting up greywater can be complicated and intimidating, but Leigh made it seem easy. Highly recommend.

Julie Liss

Claremont - January 10, 2015

I had Greywater Corps. install a grey water system for my clothes washer. The water flows out to the side of my house where I have some roses, a tree and berries growing. I'm able to sustain them completely with my one or two loads of wash I do a week. They were prompt, professional, worked hard and got the job done in the time frame they indicated, which I really appreciated. I've been very pleased - the system will pay for itself in water savings and it's just the right thing to do for the environment. I would definitely recommend them - they were really great.

Stephanie Blank-Cheng

Altadena - December 17, 2014

I had Greywater Corps. install the outdoor part of our greywater system which runs off our shower and washing machine. It was just Leigh and one other guy and they really knew what they were doing. Leigh knows what he is doing and in fact trained my plumber to to the indoor part of the installation. It was easy and the system works well. He also recommended a great landscape architect who we ended up using. Leigh is very knowledgeable and his pricing is reasonable. I have already recommended him to my friends.

Jula Bell

Silverlake - November 26, 2014

I wanted to put in a greywater system at Dog Camp LA, and interviewed 2 different services. Neither person followed up with me and I was very disappointed. I knew that I could do it myself, but wanted to have a professional guide me through it to make it infallible. Having a camp with dogs I didn't want to take a chance that the system would fail. I met Leigh at a DIY greywater lecture at the Silver Lake library. I was so impressed with his enthusiasm that I hired him to do the job. He is very passionate about his work. He put in a flagship australian greywater system for me and unfortunately we had some problems with the pump. Luckily, he guaranteed his work and replaced the system with a stronger pump at no extra cost for me. I liked his accountability. He is also very amicable and meticulous. I feel confident in his work and am going to be hiring him to set up a greywater system at Dog Camp Ventura. I believe he is doing this for all the right reasons. Leigh and Greywater Corps get a two thumbs up for Dog Camp LA for sure.

Matthew Dubois

Echo Park - November 23, 2014

I had a greywater system installed in my home that moved water from the laundry room, bathroom sinks and both tubs out to the garden. We had a challenging setup in that the area we wanted watered was on top of a steep hill behind our house. They did some research and quickly came up with a system that used a cistern and pump that would shoot water out to various locations. Another thing I liked was a switch he installed in our house that turns the system on and off. That way, if I have cleaning people in who aren't using green products, I can simply switch it over to sewer and they can bleach all they want without frying the landscape. Lee was so helpful letting us know which cleaning products to avoid in order to protect our plants. Greywater Corps. was great and I would recommend them to anyone.

J. Handy

Pasadena - November 2, 2014

Leigh’s service is excellent. He installed a greywater system connected to our washing machine. I was grateful to have the system installed by Greywater Corps. It was painless. Leigh was thorough in explaining how it works. He also put in a lever so that if we happen to use toxic chemicals, we just turn the lever and divert the water so it won't hurt the plants. I like that we have that option even though we haven’t had to use it. Our system has been in six months and there have been no problems. Our washer is old and uses a lot of water so its nice to know it’s going out to our eight trees. Leigh has great customer service. I have emailed him twice with questions regarding laundry detergents and he responded within a day or two. He also followed up after we were done to make sure everything was working as we had set it up, which I appreciated!

Avo B.

Sherman Oaks - October 24, 2014

Leigh first came over to build a greywater system in my house back around 2011. Then he came back this year to put in rain gutters and add rain water collection tanks. He is very knowledgeable and is an architect who knows construction. He is not doing greywater systems because he’s trying to make a quick buck, but because he is an idealistic person who believes in conservation. His idealism was really what made me hire him. He told us the schedule beforehand and kept to it. He is very, very thorough at what he does. He deals with the building safety department and all their forms for you. I liked that Leigh worked with me, and made it a personalized project. He really looked at my house and listened to what I wanted. He has also been very good about checking up with me. It is worth the cost for environmental reasons alone, but it saves on our water bill, too. I even give tours of my house, so others can learn about these kinds of changes homeowners can make. I want to show people how to have a low impact lifestyle without a drop in standard of living.

Penny P.

Sparr Heights - October 24, 2014

I had Leigh come out eight months ago, before I had my yard landscaped, and he gave me an estimate. After the landscaping was done I called him again and he remembered me and honored his original bid. I am a busy professional with a young son, and I was not going to be good with replacing filters and other aspects of upkeep, so Leigh worked with me to invent a whole new kind of system that would circumnavigate those maintenance issues. He did a really nice, clean, tight job. He worked beautifully with my landscaper and architect to adjust the system to the specific watering needs of my various planting zones. Leigh used to be an architect himself, so he brings that knowledge, professionalism and accomplishment to his work. He was just here to double-check the system and plans to do another follow-up in three months. I couldn't be more satisfied and I have recommended him to several people.


Glassell Park - October 22, 2014

Leigh put in a great system for us to reuse our laundry water in our garden. The water from the washer is routed to raised vegetable beds, a fig and a sapote tree. We learned about the process by taking a class he taught where we all dug the trenches to do the work together. He showed us that it is important to have the water go to a number of different stations and segue throughout the garden. We are very pleased with the system, and it’s worked really well. We later moved our laundry room up the hill 30 feet on our property. Leigh came over and reattached the drain pipe in the new location for us. He’s always been good about just dropping by to fix anything. Now the water that washes our clothes also feeds our plants and vegetables!

Elizabeth Fenner

West Adams - October 14, 2014

I attended two of Leigh's workshops for homeowners and contractors and knew I wanted him to install a greywater system in my home. It was really easy and very reasonable. Leigh is so knowledgeable about laws and permits and the specific uses and non-uses for greywater. Other people may know how to do it, but he's the guru that everyone talks to. The City of Los Angeles is changing their policies based on what Leigh and others are doing. Next I want him to connect my showers. My garden loves the greywater and is thriving. Every time I do my laundry I feel like I'm feeding my fruit trees!

Karin Steinhauer

Van Nuys - January 23, 2014

Leigh's greywater system runs from my bathroom and washing machine to my back yard. I have a lot of native plants, which need almost no water, and the grey water had to run to the back of the property where my fruit trees are. They were very nice and neat and I liked that they were really respectful of my garden, checking in with me before they dug anywhere moving dirt to the specific places I wanted it. There was an issue with a faulty timer and they came right back and replaced it. They were really wonderful.

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