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"Get multiple quotes before choosing a solar contractor, but beware of low-ball bids. "

- Jim

Jim Jenal, owner of Run on Sun, perched on a rooftop with newly installed solar panels.

Personally Tailored Solar Systems Designed for Your Energy Needs

By Georgia Dolenz

NAMEJim Jenal
PHONE NUMBER(626) 793-6025
SERVICES PROVIDEDSolar Systems, Solar Power—Design, Installation & Maintenance, Solar Panels, Energy Saving, NABCEP Certified, Alternative Energy, Microinverters, Rooftop, Solar Homes, Solar PV, REC, Enphase, Enphase Energy Storage
SERVICE AREAS San Gabriel Valley
Alhambra • Altadena • Arcadia • City of Industry • College Hills • Crescenta Highlands • Cypress Park • Duarte • Eagle Rock • East Pasadena • East San Gabriel • El Monte • Flintridge • Glassell Park • Glendale • Happy Valley • Hastings Ranch • Highland Park • La Canada • La Crescenta • Lincoln Heights • Monrovia • Monterey Hills • Monterey Park • Montrose • Mount Washington • Pasadena • Rosemead • Rossmoyne • San Gabriel • San Marino • San Rafael Hills • Sierra Madre • South Pasadena • Temple City • Woodbury

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Marianne P.

Madison Heights, Pasadena, CA - April 19, 2024

I cannot write highly enough about Jim and Run on Sun. The experience has been beyond ideal, easy, hassle-free, with outstanding communication between our household and all the fabulous people at Run on Sun. I am so impressed with the quality of service, courtesy, updates, and the ease of operation once our panels received the Permit to Operate from the city. Every step of the planning, installation, operation has been done with a strive to excel . It has truly been an outstanding experience. Every question I had was promptly and helpfully answered which is such a rarity nowadays when large companies do not bother to call you back for days or give you the run around. Not Jim and his staff: they’re on the ball instantly. The installation was perfectly executed as well, no mess left at the end of the days, everything up to my (I admit) perfectionist standards. If you’re reading this and considering solar panels, do yourself a very big favor and call Jim. It’s clearly his passion and it shows. Excellence, perfectionism, communication, three words that define our experience with Run on Sun.

Lara Simon

Pasadena - April 25, 2022

I couldn't recommend Jim enough. I started my solar journey with a large, well-known company. They couldn't answer my questions and made the process unnecessarily frustrating. I then switched to a someone local and met with three providers. Jim was the best of the bunch.

Jim and his team are incredibly knowledgeable. He answered my questions about brands, batteries, panel maintenance, connections, and more. Run on Sun wasn’t the cheapest, but it wasn’t the most expensive either (though cheaper than the large solar company!), and I felt confident with them that I would be satisfied with the end result.

At every turn, Jim blew me away with his follow through. He interfaced with the roofing company, SCE and the city, managed the timelines and communicated so well that I never had to ask about the status of the project. I wish every contractor I worked with was as thorough, and as nice a guy as Jim.

Janet & Fred

Pasadena - September 16, 2021

Run On Sun is an absolutely a great Solar Installation Company, Hands down, working with Jim and his team was simply a great experience. From the initial meeting to final installation and commissioning, they were professional, always on time, knowledgeable, excellent communicators, reliable, and friendly. I've met with many Solar Companies over the years (we've talked about getting Solar for ten years before finally doing it this year!) and Run On Sun is, by far, the best team to work with. I highly recommend them.


Los Angeles - November 15, 2019

Here is my summary of my experience working with Run On Sun: I found working with Run On Sun to be a great experience overall. Jim is very thoughtful, patient, and informed with regards to everything “Solar”. During my initial bid meeting, Jim took his time to describe the benefits of going Solar and went over in great detail the process of installation of the solar panels. Unlike my meeting with other solar panel system companies, Jim was very patient and methodical in answering all my questions. From my first meeting with him, to the very end of the job, he and his team displayed professionalism, on time arrivals, kept my place very tidy, and finished on time. In addition, Jim was quickly responsive to all my emails and phone calls. There were no hidden or surprise costs. In addition, he was prompt and thorough about getting all the City of Pasadena permits pulled.

C. Tran

Pasadena - November 8, 2019

We hired Run on Sun to put solar panels on our house. I like them a lot. I try to use local companies any time I can and they are local to Pasadena. They are also small which means they can make changes on the fly. They are trustworthy and the system is great!

Gary Coyne

South Pasadena - April 26, 2018

Wonderful experience. We had first contacted a different company (Peterson-Dean), but after looking at their contract, which exempted them from anything bad happening, we went on looking. Run on Sun came in and Jim did a "not-breaking-your-arm" presentation that was very welcome. Their contract was 1/3 of the previous company's and was simple to read with no loopholes. We had the panels installed last September during the heatwave and Jim and his crew took the heat in stride and got the panels up. Our bills are now 5%-10% of what they were.

Simon W.

Sherman Oaks - April 25, 2018

When Jim came to discuss my solar system he came equipped to do the shade assessment himself right there and then—all other companies send a sales rep who will later schedule a technician to do it. Jim is the guy who not only designs the system, he will be hands-on fitting the thing and he is the guy who will deal with any problems. He is VERY thorough and ready to discuss every detail to your complete satisfaction. Run on Sun aren't the cheapest, but they are super-reliable and were happy to come out and make a minor adjustment to the arrangement of my panels when I expressed some unhappiness about the line-up after the installation. I have had the system for a year now and am very satisfied with the results. I recommend these guys without reservation!


North Hollywood - January 31, 2018

We can't say enough positive things about Run on Sun. From the moment we first met with Jim and Sara about the potential of installing solar panels, to the day we received our first monthly summary showing how much energy our panels had generated, the time has been well-spent. When hiring Run on Sun, you will find professionalism, thoughtfulness and fairness.

Jim sat with us and explained how the process worked, when we could expect the different stages to take place and what the costs would be. Some other companies will give you a less expensive quote up front without even visiting your home and without doing the proper amount of research first, and then when it comes to the installation, they see "problems" and that's when the extra, surprise fees come in. You don't have to worry about that with Run on Sun.

They also handle all of the paperwork and trust me, dealing with LADWP in order to make sure you get the tax credit coming to you, is no small feat. Knowing that these panels are saving us money on energy bills and helping the environment, make us feel great about our purchase and knowing that over time, we might have questions about our panels and that Run on Sun will be there, makes us feel secure in our purchase as well.

The best part is that Jim is passionate about what he does. He's not a roofer who happens to also install solar panels. Solar and doing his part to help the environment are what he's all about.

Kelan Ackerman

Pasadena - December 7, 2016

When I started to bid out solar contractors to install PV panels on the roof of my home, I got five or six bids. I chose Run on Sun because Jim was the most passionate and most knowledgeable. Both Jim and Laurel are upfront and honest. The rates are fair. Halfway through the project, they lowered the price because the panels they were purchasing went on sale. Run on Sun keeps the best interest of the customer in mind. It made a difference to me that Jim would be on the job site doing the work himself. I've had frustrating experiences with contractors in the past who would meet me on site and then no longer be present once work began. Jim and Laurel always showed when they said they would and they got the job done quickly. At the end of the job, I received an informative binder which has a copy of the contract, rebate information, and other helpful information for understanding the PV system and monitoring the home's energy use. It's educational and even fun to be able to monitor how our solar panels are working. I would recommend Run on Sun to anyone. I totally believe in their work.

Becky K.

Pasadena - December 5, 2016

I found Run on Sun through my roofer, Bob Warren. I really trust Bob and he told me he had worked on a project in Santa Monica with Run On Sun. Jim came out with his assistant, Laurel. They were awesome. I was so impressed with Jim from the beginning. He has worked on some exciting projects around town, such as installing solar panels on a major art complex at Westridge School where my daughter goes. Jim is an MIT graduate and worked in business for awhile before starting Run on Sun. He started the company because it’s his mission. I was impressed with how thorough he was. He asked me questions about my goals: how important are aesthetics since we have a colonial style house; how much is cost a consideration versus saving energy versus it being good for the environment. He asked us for our energy bills from the previous year. Then he did an analysis to see how much we would save with solar panels versus our normal electrical bills. All the while he put zero pressure on us to do the work. He ran a lot of numbers and presented us with a spreadsheet so we could judge for ourselves if it was right for us. My husband is an investment manager and he was so impressed with what they came up with. It’s something you would expect for a business proposal, not for a consumer. In his initial assessment, Jim said we probably weren’t going to want to do the panels because of the structural issues and the savings would have been modest. We would have had to run new electrical from the solar panels through the attic to the electrical panel. By the end, I could tell there was going to be way too much construction involved. When I told them I didn’t want to do it, they were completely understanding, even after all the time he and his team had invested. I offered to pay a consulting fee, but they said no, that this is just what they do and that not everyone can do solar. Jim is super smart and ethical and I love the people he works with down to his electrician, Velvet, who rocked!

David Axeen

Altadena - December 5, 2016

Run on Sun offers an extremely competent and well informed crew. The system they installed has been terrific and performs better than projected in terms of paying off the system. I have a roof that is partly in shade and the other companies I consulted didn’t think it was possible to design a satisfactory system. Jim was very clever to figure out a way to do it using the available light. He was very hands on and always there while the installation was in progress. The people that work with him are equally top notch. It’s a local business committed to working with all the different local electric companies, which is so important for a solar contractor. Our annual electric bill is down to $200, which is great for us considering we have two electric cars.


Altadena - December 5, 2016

We love Run on Sun! Love love love them. From the beginning to the end, working with them was a seamless experience. My criteria for letting someone work on my home is pretty high. I was referred to Run on Sun by my electrician, and they elicited my trust from the outset. They gave a thorough examination and explained all details carefully. We were totally in their hands and they always kept us in the loop. My husband and I have never been happier. I only wish that more people conducted business the way Jim does. We were happy to go solar to cut back on paying exorbitant fees to Edison and also to do something good. But first and foremost, we were happy with Jim. You don’t find many people like that. And his people are just as good as he is. Jim has kept track of the install online to make sure that everything has been working. There is no other way to say it, Jim and his people are THE BEST, hands down!

Suzy Dalrymple

Pasadena - December 5, 2016

I found Run on Sun through the City of Pasadena. Being a city, they can’t outright recommend a company, but they had done a lot of work with them. Run on Sun is the only solar company based in Pasadena. Previous to Jim I had another contractor who had started the project without a permit, took all our money and botched the job. I called Jim and begged and pleaded for him to help me. And he did—and he didn't bat an eye. Jim brought in someone who was familiar with the framework that had been installed. It didn’t line up properly so they had to tweak it quite a bit, but they made it work. Jim structured his pricing well and he didn't charge much more to correct the job, so in the end his pricing was comparable to other guy. They were wonderful! They were timely and didn’t make us wait. Jim also has good employees who know exactly what to do and when. Jim still sends me emails because he is monitoring the system. We were out of town for Thanksgiving when the part of the system that monitors our usage lost its connection. When I got home Jim had emailed me to let me know what had happened! I would use Run on Sun again in a heartbeat.

Julie D.

Altadena - December 5, 2016

Run on Sun was the only company I interviewed in person because Jim and his assistant were so great. My husband and I are both lawyers and we put them through their paces questioning them about the contract, talking about our expectations, etc. I had basic questions about things like wattage and they made me feel very comfortable about their knowledge base and their expertise. I did not feel condescended to or upsold. They really seemed to care about their work and their clients. I could tell they were good people, which was important to me because they were going to be in my house and I had a newborn at the time. You can’t pay enough for that kind of comfort. We don't have any south facing slopes on our roof so they created a system for our roof from the east and west. The panels provide nearly all of our electricity. We pay about $1 per month! Run on Sun also walked us through all the licensing and permitting. Our house was constructed in 1932 so everything is custom. They handcrafted the electrical conduit that runs through the attic so it didn't have to go over top of roof and be an eyesore. The electrician was in my backyard bending metal pipes that they could personally craft for my particular house because it is so old. Their subcontractors were also great. Velvet the electrician was fantastic. The panels work perfectly and they haven't had to come out to do any follow up. One of the gals sends reminders to clean our panels if there hasn’t been any rain so they produce the maximum electricity.

Tim D.

Pasadena - December 5, 2016

I spent a month and a half researching solar companies before choosing Run on Sun. Some of them were large companies and some were mom-and-pop. I was really impressed with Jim Jenal of Run on Sun because of his candor--he just immediately struck me as a genuine and honest person. He also took the time to answer all of my questions and share his comprehensive knowledge of solar with me. At no time did I feel pressured or that he was just trying to sell me something. Jim's passion for solar is sincere. He didn't sugar-coat anything. Run on Sun handled all the paperwork and permit-pulling with the city, the inspections, everything--I had to do nothing. Run on Sun delivered above and beyond on all aspects of the job. After the install, Jim showed me how I could go online and check the performance of my new system in real-time. I watched it for a few weeks, but quickly got bored and lost interest. A couple months after that, I was surprised to get a call from Jim. He was calling to let me know there was something wrong with my system and he wanted to come fix it! Jim had noticed through online monitoring that the output from one of my panels had gone down over the last week. He took care of it right away at no cost. It was a rare occurrence, but one Jim was on top of immediately. This incident reinforced in my mind, yet again, that Run on Sun was definitely the best choice for us. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have gotten the same level of after-the-sale attention from any of the other solar companies I interviewed for the job. Jim is committed to doing things right. He has quality people working for him who do stellar work with great products. They were so good at keeping us in the loop every step of the way. I would recommend Run on Sun to anyone. Incidentally, after 11 months of use, we have paid $0 for electricity and produced $300 in excess electricity, which the utility will pay to us in one month!

Dan Fishman

Sierra Madre - December 5, 2016

Jim doesn’t just sell systems. He is a true believer in renewable energy and demonstrates that he really cares about the success of his work. Jim is also not a salesman, he is technical and was able to clearly explain all my questions. The 32 panel system he installed in my home has performed flawlessly for two years. It is producing 8% more power than initially estimated by Run on Sun. I have almost zeroed out my energy use, from a bill that was $300 - $500 a month to only $5 or $6 a month on my SCE bill. They are not the least expensive but by far the most technically knowledgeable and furthermore employ the best equipment available. Jim has a great, consistent crew and together they make a tight-knit team. I recently worked with them again to create a 72 panel solar system for my business. I’ve had a great experience with Run on Sun and would unreservedly recommend them.

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